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Friday, May 20, 2011

BYRDS-younger than yesterday-MONO MIX-1967 + BONUS 45s CANADA and USA pressings

BYRDS-younger than yesterday-MONO MIX-1967 + BONUS 45-2011-freqazoidiac

This particular Byrds album, is one of my favoured LP's from the 'psychedelic' era.
It is on that level to me, on the strength of the original songs, the arrangements, the vibe
the beautiful harmonies,
and the experimentation. It's essentially a 1966 LP , recorded in the dark days of winter
and then released just in time for spring of 1967.  It must have been a very strange thing to
hear. It has held up, if one contrasts the glowing reviews you can find on the web.
Over and over I read that this was an unexpected surprise, and the one album that no
one on the ground recommends or mentions. It seems true! I had to discover this by chance,
finding it and then playing it unbiased. That's the approach I favor anyways and have held onto
that intuition. One should trust their intuition!

I have culled together the Canadian first pressing for the first side and the USA first pressing for
the 2nd side. (both Mono)
I have the stereo version on LP , but I prefer the Mono in this case, but the Stereo is NO slouch, don't
get me wrong here.

The main reason I culled the 2 versions is both copies had problems of condition, on opposing sides
so it fit perfect. The mixes and lengths are the same, yet I found the Canadian version to
be a bit more clear in the high end spectrum.

Below, see the labels.
On the Left, you have the USA labels. On the Right, Canada.
Notice it states MONO on the USA and Canada is still using the older
"guaranteed high fi"

I added in 2 Canadian 45's as bonus'  -

BYRDS-my back pages /renaissance fair-Canada-Columbia-MONO-45-1967-444054 
byrds-eight miles high / why-1966-45-MONO-canada-columbia-443578 

I added the single version of WHY released almost a year earlier, as it's ROCKIN' beyond comprehension.
I enjoy both versions, the '66 version is punky, the album version a bit smoother
but all around great track with an interesting theme.

To top it off with a cherry or two, I threw in the 6 bonus non LP or single tracks from
the Legacy issue of the album from 1996.

The cover was remixed with a different colour scheme  and arrangement to reflect our compilation.
Seeding as Lossless torrent NOW.

OH-- and if you think  the number one album of the hipster scene
"Sweetheart of the Rodeo" is a Byrds album, you are wrong.
It is in Name only. You take Clarke and Crosby out, and you have no Byrds.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Debbie Lori Kaye vs J.D. Loudermilk

There was once a time when this little songsprite named Debbie was gracing the halls of
columbia records and making extensive tour route playing with different acts
in many cities throughout Canada and the USA.
At a very young age gaining one of those exotic and dangerous
contracts with prime distro routes and radio playback by hyped djocks, she seemed
to engage with natural flair and passion to do the big pop thing. She is an artist
through and through and there is a reason I feel she is basically unknown to the
consuming public.

A Long shadow,deep dark blue is cast in the industry. Depending on status and chart earnings, that is the scale
where one artist signed, can leverage their own ideals into their music. That is rare
in the Industry to have sustained control. Although Debbie played pop, she did it with
conviction and interpretation. From notes I have gathered from associates or passing
friends of hers on the web, I see a trend that says she became Disillusioned. Why
does that not surprise me. She's small, but too BIG for that control.
You can just tell by her eyes. The scant footage filmed of Debbie, especially the footage in color
of her singing "legend in my own time" from '65 shows a fiery direction yet compassion
and friendliness. Very beautiful girl too, and obviously a  unique person through and through.

The record I'm showcasing today is a rare 45 by Lori. Probably released in 1966, and is produced
by Bob Johnston. It has that big sound of Johnston which is matched perfectly on this disc with Kaye.
She brings on home a classic performance with high energy and a rockabilly slant. It's not even listed on Discogs. She seemed to have released a whole wack of non LP 45s which one should automatically buy
if you are a fan of music.
The sole Columbia LP "hey little one" is very hard to find, and is superb mishmash of pop, country and even psychedelia. I have since misplaced my copy, so when I do find it, I will be sharing it.

My only wish is if she had been a little more influenced
by what was going on in Detroit at the time.
Her pipes were perfect for soul. Maybe this ties in with why she
left the industry.... ??

I enjoy this 2 sider very much so, hope you do too!
I think she does J.D. Loudermilk right!




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