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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mary Saxton • SAD EYES • 1969 Birchmount records BM 511 • canadian artists collection

Having been into this Birchmount records collecting, for as long as I can remember picking up They have always been charming records, all Canadian content, and very cool music.
Adding up what I have found, basically can now check off Most of the releases on that imprint, because today I FINALLY found a copy of Mary Saxton's "Sad Eyes" a very moody blue-tinged
soul LP, by a white gal from Alberta. Most Songs written by her pal, Mavis McAullay, who seems to be the better known musical artist..but I did hear of Mary before Mavis..but that doesn't mean anything in context.
I was surprised that no one else has been offering this LP up..but then I thought, in 20 years of Collecting, and only finding 1 copy, just today..then I guess it's just RARE. Well, enjoy this platter, a canadian one, that matters.

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