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Thursday, May 17, 2012

1990-rare TV- PUMP IT UP- with SPECIAL ED - rapp - Dee barnes at the fair

rare TV clip of just the interview parts of Dee and Ed going around this Amusement park. 
The videos I take out because of copywrong issues and there are simply better examples on youtube. 

special ed,dee barnes, pump it up, rap, hip hop


PUMP IT UP - rare TV - 1990 - Interview w Ice Cube-NWA-easy E Dee Barnes

rare clip 

Ice Cube 'splains why he uses the word BITCH so fucking often.
He does not go ballz out on Dee
He talks about how he does NOT want to be an ACTOR but a WRITER for hollywood.

- I have another with strictly NWA minus Ice Cube too at Eazy E's house.
That will be posted in the future. I think it was not too long after this show she was molested by Dre.

pump it up, dee barnes, ice cube, nwa, eazy e, dr.dre, dre, dr dre, ed lover, yo mtv, rap , hip hop

Golden age MTV RAPS- YO - RARE TV-1990- video clips

Includes a smattering of bumpers, interviews, illuminati-occult inspired subliminals segues, quincy the king of enter-trancement boule jones, MTV raps shining in it's devilish finest wrapped in 1990 calculated trend forecast street-surf wear. Just hilarious. Some of the icons of 1990 rap are interviewed-videos are cut out for the most part due to redundancy and copywrong problems. Shitty quailty due to VHS from Satellite storage for 20 years. No quality control all media control.

PART 1 : 
MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time MC HAMMER COKED OUT SPRING BREAK-

(MC )Hammer on stage in florida Spring Break stylee - hot pink is so in that season - he is performing live

 Heil Satan

Hammer on the pulpit. The DJ sermonizes.

Cool Dance Heaven crane shot.

Mid air insanity - electric 1990

MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 2of7


MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 3of7


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MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 4of7

Ice Cube Interview- amerikkkas most wanted era


MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 5of7


MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 6of7

Heed the work, sucker

MTV raps 100 greatest hip hop videos of all time -SEGMENT 7of7

Quincy jones gets to the bottom of these turny things- Jasmine looks fine

Quincy DJ Tone Jones drops the needle with the Terrorbeat (p.e.)

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