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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

AKAI CS-F9- how 2 calibrate SPEED with 1500HZ tone tape

AKAI CS-F9- how 2 calibrate SPEED with 1500HZ tone tape

The Akai CS-F9 is a solid single side cassette player
with excellent specs and runs quiet and strong.
Very powerful fast foward and rewind mechanism with sleek design
makes this a real diamond in the rough.


To find the screw you need to turn to adjust the motor speed
you have to remove the faceplate on the tape door.

It simply requires gripping both sides of the door and pulling up and toward

If it takes "too much" to remove, stop for a second and readjust you don't
want to break the door off.

The speed on my deck (I'm unknown if it was ever serviced before I
obtained this item) was pretty close to being perfect as these things
can get. For demonstration in the video I deliberately offset the screw to
an extreme speed difference.  These voltage controlled motor speeds
are near impossible to get a perfect phase with the test tone but to come close
you need finess it and learn the 'tone'.  LIke I say in the video, it's soooo sensitive
even pulling out the screw driver can change the speed a slight bit so be
aware of this and keep the tone playing just in case.

FYI - you can use practically any audible tone it may be trickier with higher frequency

Here is a video of some of the functions (Minus a record demo) -


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