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Friday, January 11, 2008

MOJO MAGAZINE COMPILATIONS - various limited torrent

I've heard that this particular music magazine from across the pond
aptly named the 'groovy with attitude' "MOJO".

Based out of the UK, is one of the most regarded current
rags that dig into the deeper aspects of muscial heroism
(of the last 10 years at least)
and classic rock/pop music news and reviews.

It's an interesting rag, no doubt. Gotta Dig the bonus CD's
that come stuck to the front of most issues. Some of them
have rare goodness contained, and in general, nice selections.

Like, dude, they even come housed in a heavy duty plastic case (well
Oatstao compiled all the CD's that were in a box which were mostly aquired so far from past MOJO issues imported to various Canadian monster chain book stores.

The latest issue (as of when this article was written) features STAX soulness compiled.

We've had a ton of requests for these, and read below, how to get them..


visit the direct links below of individual
album you wish, and follow the standard
protocol found at top and bottom of every page.



Taxman 2:50 Catfish Haven Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Eleanor Rigby 2:44 The Handsome Family With The Rivet Gang Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

I'm Only Sleeping 2:52 Neal Casal Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Love You To 4:04 Sukilove Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Here, There And Everywhere 5:16 Belarus Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Yellow Submarine 4:44 Chris Eckman Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

She Said She Said 2:55 Mark Mulcahy Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Good Day Sunshine 2:31 Lampshade Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

And Your Bird Can Sing 2:19 Jim Reid Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

For No One 2:06 Michael Weston King Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Doctor Robert 3:41 Luke Temple Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

I Want To Tell You 3:09 Thea Gilmore Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Got To Get You Into My Life 3:29 Green Pajamas Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Tomorrow Never Knows 2:43 Jason McNiff Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Rain 5:00 Ed Harcourt Mojo - Revolver Reloaded

Mr Pitiful 2:29 Otis Redding Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Soul Clap '69 2:35 Booker T. & The MG's Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

This World 3:31 The Staple Singers Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

The Breakdown (Part 1) 3:12 Rufus Thomas Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone 2:58 Johnnie Taylor Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

The Devil Is Dope 5:16 The Dramatics Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Breaking Up Somebody's Home 3:36 Albert King Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Walking The Back Streets And Crying 5:00 Little Milton Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

I Forgot To Be Your Lover 2:17 William Bell Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Ain't No Need Of Crying 3:55 Rance Allen Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Soulsville 3:42 Isaac Hayes Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Other Side) 2:40 Eddie Floyd Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

My Man Believes Me 2:37 Carla Thomas Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Hearsay 7:26 The Soul Children Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

I've Been Lonely (For So Long) 3:56 Frederick Knight Mojo Present Stax Soul Power

Tinker Taylor 2:51 Terry Reid MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Old Man Going 3:04 The Pretty Things MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Magic Potion 3:22 The Open Mind MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Egyptian Tomb 5:26 Mighty Baby MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Rhubarb! 3:43 Second Hand MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Freelance Fiend 3:08 Leaf Hound MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Night Living 3:36 Atomic Rooster MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Don't Make My Baby Blue 6:03 The Move MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

My Life Is Natural 3:16 Slade MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Climb The Wooden Hills 2:28 Possessed MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Long Gone Geek 3:07 Procol Harum MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Peace Loving Man 4:52 Blossom Toes MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Witches Wand 2:41 Luv Machine MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Aeroplane Head Woman 6:37 Pete Brown & Piblokto! MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Solitude 8:46 Warhorse MOJO Presents Heavy Nuggets

Things'll Never Be The Same 5:49 Spacemen 3 Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

She Is Death 4:00 The Flaming Lips Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

If You Don't Give Me What I Want 2:54 Blind Boy Fuller & Floyd Council Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

C.C. And O. Blues 3:04 Pink Anderson Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Humanoid Boogie 3:00 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Oh! Wot A Dream 2:46 Kevin Ayers Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Take My Hand 2:59 Jennifer Gentle Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Who Are The Brain Police? 3:33 Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

5 And 20 Schoolgirls 4:34 Gong Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Portobello Man 2:28 The Bevis Frond Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Cymbaline 4:01 Hawkwind Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

SOL 07 Pt 1 7:15 Wooden Shjips Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

I Should've Known 7:26 The Soft Machine Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Ailantus Glandulosa 5:27 AMM Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

Crystal Rainbow Pyramid 18:38 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Mojo Presents In Search Of Syd

The Devil Is Dope 5:25 The Dramatics MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Strychnine 2:12 The Sonics MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Quit It 3:49 Nat Adderley MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Here Comes the Nice 3:03 The Small Faces MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Cocaine in my Brain 5:10 Dillinger MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Sunny Goodge Street 2:56 Donovan MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Bass Strings 3:59 Country Joe & The Fish MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Defecting Grey 5:11 The Pretty Things MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Slow Death 4:40 The Flamin' Groovies MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

I Am the Cosmos 3:47 Chris Bell MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

White Lines (Don't Do It) 7:38 Grandmaster Flash MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Too Pure 3:49 Sebadoh MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

The Truth Shall Make You Free 3:18 Mighty Hannibal MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Junco Partner 5:09 James Booker MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Maggot Brain 10:20 Funkadelic MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Who Put the Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine 3:04 Harry " The Hipster" Gibson MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head

Smashed Blocked 2:57 John's Children Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

High In A Room 2:59 The Smoke Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Revolution [Top Gear Radio Session] 3:54 Tomorrow Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma 4:25 The Attack Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

When Will The Rain Come 2:39 The Troggs Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree 2:57 The Move Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

A Day At The Cottage 3:30 Gordon Jackson Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Long Agos And Worlds Apart 2:34 The Small Faces Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Blow Up 1:52 The In Crowd Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Three Kingfishers 3:14 Donovan Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

(Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion 3:16 Kaleidoscope Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Hung Up On A Dream 2:58 The Zombies Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) 4:54 Procol Harum Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Pools Of Blue 3:06 Barclay James Harvest Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

10,000 Years Behind My Mind 2:16 Focus Three Mojo Presents... Psych Out!

Mr. Brown 3:34 Bob Marley & The Wailers Trojan Explosion

Better Must Come 2:47 Delroy Wilson Trojan Explosion

Blood And Fire 3:07 Niney The Observer Trojan Explosion

Easy Snappin' 2:42 Theophilus Beckford Trojan Explosion

Undertaker's Burial 3:00 The Crystalites Trojan Explosion

Ali Baba 2:39 John Holt Trojan Explosion

Everybody Needs Love 2:19 Slim Smith Trojan Explosion

Pressure Drop 3:00 Toots & The Maytals Trojan Explosion

None Shall Escape The Judgement 3:41 Johnny Clarke Trojan Explosion

A Place Called Africa 2:42 Junior Byles Trojan Explosion

I'm So Proud 2:58 Joe White Trojan Explosion

Tighten Up 2:40 The Untouchables Trojan Explosion

007 2:31 Desmond Dekker & The Aces Trojan Explosion

Artibella 2:11 Ken Boothe Trojan Explosion

Everything Crash 2:33 The Ethiopians Trojan Explosion

Liquidator 2:53 Harry J Allstars Trojan Explosion

Don't Let Me Suffer 3:31 Gregory Isaacs Trojan Explosion

Dulcemania 2:17 Drumbago & The Dynamites Trojan Explosion

Dollar In The Teeth 2:35 The Upsetters Trojan Explosion

Hard Road To Travel 2:34 Jimmy Cliff Trojan Explosion

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo