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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Le blanc + Lalancette WORDS AND MUSIC

I would like to share a bit about this fantastic LP released in two formats, one in French, and one in English. I happened upon the English version last week, and what is within' the grooves is a very strong album with great thought provoking lyrical content, nice poetry, and fantastic musical arrangments. From Quebec Canada. Just converted to digital, and is available for sharing on my server.

Although recorded between 1971-1976, it retains a solid form, which lends itself to the LP format.
The details focus on Nature, a bit of politics and days gone by. Very moody, and beautiful. Some psychedelic edges (backwards tape effects, guitars) fuzz, great drums, melodies, ect. The voice of LaLancette is a mixture of goodness,
which I cannot really place at the moment, but some of it reminds me of the sound of Mashmakhans 2nd LP (family)
both the lyrical style and instrumentation. There is next to nothing of information available on this album, except below what I was able to translate from a french canadian website. A great bonus included was the full lyrical insert.

Heres' the details :

Leblanc + Lalancette

Celebration - CEL 1937
recorded between 1971-1976

Side 1:
2-rest with him
3-mr.gun (part 1)
4-hory dory USA
5-mr.gun (part 2)
6-the sun over you
8-mumble song

side 2:
9-my head is in the clouds
12a-here comes all the chrome
12b-willie's drive in
12c-silver boogie
13-i found a friend
15-magic queen


Le Soleil au Dessus de Nous

Words and Music

Alain Lalancette (percussions and voice) and Robert Leblanc Jr (keyboards, guitar, low, battery, and voice) almost launch two albums into simultaneous, one in English, the other in French. One finds the same musicians there, practically the same musics, but the words change. The two men work with the Studio Triangle, and their work spreads out of 1971 to 1976 before being concretized on disc. Around them, there are several musicians, of which Stéphan Venne (piano), Luc Gauthier (guitar), Christian Leon Racine (low), Michel Robidoux (guitar) and Richard Provençal (battery). A heteroclite music, which goes from the ballade software rock'n'roll to the boogy woogy, without falling into the facility. It is thanks to Luc Gauthier (Concert, Opus 5) that I discovered them, and that I could put the hand on these two albums of collection.

Translated from:
with online translator from French.

UPDATE -feb 2010
** A new blog entry found which  reviews the french version
has an excellent summary of this LP. I translated it to English and include it below.
** FROM :

It is a story about the sun, the weather and time passing. Who weighs in point, having donned his best suit - top hat, three-piece, tie, as Belle Epoque - won the beach and having sat on a rocking chair, and contemplated the ocean, serene and detached from shooting himself in the head. 
Words and Music is this concept album from an in-between where the transition from life to death lets level strata of time, summoning sheets of the past As securities. The listener moves with the protagonist in a world where physical laws are no longer so those who govern life. The perception of another reality superimposed on reality, the body is altered (Mr Gun when the weapon becomes the target), merges with the environment and the elements (My head is in the cloud) 's unreal, disappears, is embodied in a painting by Grant Wood, singer of American regionalism (I found a friend). 
The memories flocking can compete with American mythology (immersed in popular music from the fifties-sixties of the B-side) and its blind spots (historical liabilities with the South American Honky Dory in USA, evoking the great crisis amid budding romance: Josephine). 

A perfect find for any digger, Le Blanc and Lalancette is also one of the finest treasures of the Quebec scene. The astonishing and mysterious pouch conceals a marvel of psychedelic pop, both complex and original and speaks volumes about the hours spent (all the subtleties, sound effects and collages will reveal themselves over time). While a multitude of musicians, including members of Opus 5 will join Robert Le Blanc and Alain Lalancette, information provided by the Web that are terse. Yet, this album (pressed Celebration) exists in two versions, virtually identical (English and French). 

Words and Music is at once think of JK & Co., The Beatles and Peter Howell (end Intro and Waves) while developing a groove waxidermiste, especially the second side, who dares to take risks, chaining passages stranger than each other: jazz, rock and roll and sometimes delirious, giving the listener a breeding ground for free will, the cradle of a boundless imagination.

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