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Sunday, December 18, 2011

FORUM-les baxter-THE RIVER IS WIDE-MONO-canada-sparton-Mira-1966-MLP3014-1644

FORUM-les baxter-THE RIVER IS WIDE-MONO-canada-sparton-Mira-1966-MLP3014-1644

I was so excited to have found out about this LP. Mira was a very interesting label and this fits in perfectly. 
I always liked the pop song that made
this group a hit, "the river is wide" which is a Phil Spectorish  stab at pop-wonderfulness. 
Indeed I had no clue who was behind
the song, even as I had the 45 I never looked at it close enough to know it was produced and directed by one of my favorite composers in Pop, Les Baxter.

I picked this up in a bargain bin at a record show a few years back in Ontario (canada) and knew I had struck a good groove with it once I saw Les on the back cover with the two Beehive betties flanking him. (he's a shorty) And on top of that, it's the rare MONO issue on Sparton Records from London Ontario. Thicker pressing than the Mira (usa) version. 

There was a reissue by RevOla a few years back on CD from the Stereo tapes, and according to them, Les is conducting the "wrecking crew" to make this Pop-psychedelia heavenly slice of wax. I can hear Carol Kaye's fab, thick '66 style bass all over this.
I just imagine the crew, fresh with vibes from Pet Sounds sessions, doing an extra 3 hours 
to come work on this session..or vice versa.. who knows! I'm sure Les Baxter inspired Brian Jones to
some degree. They were both on Capitol to bring that point home a little deeper.

An album that deserves to be heard, more than likely for the first time for many.

Aside from the youtube clip below, I have culled only 5 files
from this rare LP.
In the future I have plans to offer the full album as a torrent.
Until then, Enjoy the direct download 
link in comments

listen to needledrop of album :

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