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Friday, June 8, 2007

MUSIC FOR THE DANCE CROWD LP - garage latin punk psych acid gogo funk

Photo below, of the USA stereo pressing.

MUSIC FOR THE DANCE CROWD is a sleeper LP that was totally
unnoticed in the garage underground!!

"Music for the dance crowd" is a collection of tracks culled from the BRENT
label out of New York, the label run by Bob Shad in the late 50's into the 60's
before he concentrated on Mainstream records as a pop outlet.
As a matter of fact, many artists released 7" singles under Brent records and then went on
and released the same under mainstream, for instance the "pot of flowers" Lp
on mainstream is partially singles compiled from Brent releases, to cash in on the psychedelia movement, and some unreleased tracks.

This is one of my favorite compilation LPs of any type of music. That's broad I know,
but this one just satisfies with Garage, Punk, early psychedelia, northern soul, latin soul,
fuzzed out basement riffs, all under one roof makes for a killer collection.

Anyone reading so far, may be familiar with the much more well known Mainstream
Compilation called "with love A POT OF FLOWERS" . That compilation is
essentially a continuation of Music for the Dance Crowd.

Please stay posted for what I call the Dance Crowd Part 2  where it
will feature some rare Brent singles/sides I collected.
It is something that fits between Dance crowd
and Pot of Flowers.  All culled from original vinyl.

music for the dance crowd TIME RECORDS 1965-needledrop 1of2

music for the dance crowd TIME RECORDS 1965-needledrop 2of2

Not ONE of the artists are listed on the LP, only the song titled,
so I've done much research to
bring you this info here....

OK, for starters, 2 killer sides from "The ban" who became
Tripsichord Music box!"Bye bye" and "now that I'm hoping"
are serious songs and very moody, "bye bye" having a more garage feel,
"now that I'm hoping" is the standout with liquid organ and very spooky harmonies
and to my knowledge never comped.

This early incarnation of The Ban, features the original guitarist who quit
when drafted in vietnam just barely after they got signed by Shad.
Both songs from the hundred Plus dollar lone single, and is TRUE STEREO on this LP, and is MONO only on the single (with a dash of reverb on the single mix).
Great recording either way.
Amazing document of psychedelia at it's finest and earliest and to continue with
what is to become the start of  anew movement in music 
, we have the duo
who became EUPHORIA (a gift from) at it's earliest with their band "The Word"
with the punky garage number "So Little Time"frenetic quivering vocals and crazy
guitar breaks.
Going into big beat garage pop, the unknown band "SHANE" is featured with
both sides from the single , very enthusiastically screaming
harmonica, wigged out vocals, big drums, some high octave xylophone chimes, and a nasty
garage attitude. Shane brings it to the dance floor on "don't turn me off" and "that girl of mine"
another rare single and has every element for the freak beat /go go heads

Clarence Hill serves up some serious Northern Soul styles, " When Sunny Comes Strollin' Home" and
"A Lot Of Lovin' Going' Round" Fantastic songs. These also appeared on the very rare "Brenton Wood
Introducing Boogaloo" LP along with garage Latin punkers "The Golden Boys" and their tracks, "Modernistic",
and "mira mira" , THE TOADS with "backaruda"
More Go Go/Freak beat energy tracks create the continuity here,
The IN CROWD with "cat dance" and Grapevine, and
the OFF SET with the garage gloomer "just a little smile" AMAZING!!! 
The rest of the tracks are very strong, I just don't know who composed them. "the froggie", lifeboat",
Boss walk", "el nubio", "bo do diddley", "the cobra", "rice and beans" "yeah yeah" and "beach bum"
all are freak beat instrumental feasts for the senses, fuzz guitar, big drums and go go rhythms, they all
sound like the same composer.

I do have 3 different releases of this LP.
2 from Canada (on allied records) and one from the USA (on time)
The 2 Canadian versions, one is a standard LP and the other is a box set of 3 LP's (I am missing 1 record from the box set)
with different running order and some tracks omitted, while others substituted.
"I'm just a clown" for instance is not on the single LP, only on the box set.

*I have since found the USA 3 LP box set, and it is superior in quality and sound
to the Canadian pressing. 

These recordings are in true stereo, but the track "just a little smile" to my ears sounds re-channeled from MONO
(i have the 7" version of "just a little smile" and it is bold MONO, sounds way better than the re-channeled version)
And to my ears, the USA pressing sounds cleaner and better frequency range than the Canadian copies.
The 3 LP box set has less information per side (3-4 songs per side), therefore lends it self to higher bandwidth and sounds pretty close to a 7" single in terms of how hot they can press the tracks.

Recorded to digital from original US pressing on Time records.

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