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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BLOW YOUR MIND - Davey Welles and the four winds

Has anyone heard of this LP release?

BLOW YOUR MIND - Davey Welles and the four winds
Cardinal records, Canada, ERS-5001

addendum : may 30 2015 - I found ANOTHER copy of this again without a cover
and I found a post on popsike a few years back (same year I sold my copy) but this
person found a few facts (but I cannot verify them because I don't have the paragon LP)
about this release - but it appears this was never released with a proper cover

Auction is for an ULTRA RARE ORIGINAL CANADIAN-ONLY PRESSING of DAVEY WELLES & THE FOUR WINDS' "BLOW YOUR MIND" LP from 196? on Cardinal Record Corporation (Cat. #ERS 5001). Wow!!! Insanely rare Canadian gem here that I don't think has ever been offered on eBay. Even some of the most knowledgable of Canadian collectors/dealers have never seen a copy of this... in fact, I know of only one other person who has even seen a copy and it came in the exact same style sleeve w/ brown insert/inner. So here's the deal as far as I understand.... This was recorded prior to their Paragon LP out on the East Coast to try and gain gigs and/or a record deal. It's more of a demo and features all the same tracks from the Paragon release as well as an additional 3 tracks, 2 of which are actually originals and are easily the best thing on this! It's really tough to speculate how many of these were pressed but it's certainly not many. Note the spelling is different then with the repress as it's Dave Wells on the Paragon LP. The generic cover has some light wear and the vinyl itself has some light marks and scuffs and does play with some light noise in parts but overall plays solid. Not likely to be seen soon in any condition... Resonable starting bid given it's rarity... To be honest, I would rather just keep it then sell it for any less. Bid now or weep later (lol).

(it sold for $200 - my first copy sold for about half that - price is going up)'s really called BLOW YOUR MIND!
This LP, which I recently found in London Ontario,

When I picked it up, i thought it was a folk record, or
some horrible tijuana horn only album., but the "blow your mind" title kept
it a little open plus the James Brown covers and Season of the Witch
being included.

The opener song, my whole world ended, is a real heavy soul
approach and would make a Nothern Soul head just shake!
In Approval!
The Vocal stylings on there are Marvin Gaye meets Sam cooke!

But then...Davey will change his vocal approach with ease.
I think this is from 1969, judging by the songs on here
I'm very curious about this release. They are mostly covers on here,
except for a heavy funk cut called "king size" that throws down and keeps a heavy vibe with
uplifting, no-one's-gonna -stop-me-lyrics and smouldering fuzz guitar interludes.
Anyone heard of this guy? This album is very well done with some
fantastic rough edges and very original approach to their 'covers'
This LP will appeal BIG time to those that dig versions/covers
and unknown artists. The sound is very open and heady,
and played by what I think is an all black ensemble.


tackle "season of the witch" into a deep acid mode..mix LSD and slow cosmic funk wha wha slop and you have the best version of this song!!!
The vocalist is interesting and appealing, and is in his element.
This is a mystery definitly worth unravelling! This is a very cool
exploitation LP, not so cheesy like those crown records (except the firebirds lp) this is a tight band and not 'contrived'...these guys can
hold down a HEAVY groove for days (the letter, which they cover
is the greatest cover of the song I have heard..and they slow it down to molasses
and just space your head out..if you can imagine that with "the letter"! a feat they pull off..almost going into jamaican Dub territory) The
versions of the James Brown and Stevie Wonder songs are KILLER...
Off the hook..ect.. YOu know? This one has to be heard!!!!
The soul is dripping on this release, and this group adds another
dimension to all tracks listed!!! Hard to put this one in any particular category if one was to choose to.
Including a great tribute to Otis Redding, Davey sings 'Try A Little Tenderness" with heart.

If anyone has any info//please do add!!! :) I have NO clue if this ever was released officially,
or if it even had a Cover! A visual indicator of who this group is would be fab.

Just converted from the record and available on my KDX/Hotline server.


1-my whole world ended
2-les bicyclettes des belsize
3-season of the witch
4-wichita lineman
5-western union man
7-poppa's got a brand new bag
9-i feel good
10-i got the feelin'


11-gimmie a little sign
12-i who have nothing
13-sittin' on the dock of the bay
14-does your mother know about me
15-king size
16-try a little tenderness
18-the letter

**update July 12-2007> Turns out this was re released as an official release on Paragon records paragon ALS-260
Just happened upon an ebay auction that was selling it. And note the Spelling of his name is altered to just Dave Wells, opposed to Davey (davey seems to be his real common name, as he appeared on the east coast show from the mid sixties called "franks bandstand" as Davey), and no "Blow your mind" anywhere in the title!! . The final total of this LP went for a cool $67.66 US. I guess it's rare!

***here's the Paragon cover..


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