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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

THE DRIL sun is black QUALITY 1903X 1968 oshawa CANADA folk garage

The Dril ‎– The Sun Is Black
Label: Quality ‎– 1903X
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single
Country:  Canada
Released: 1968


A     The Sun Is Black     2:15
B     Needulliduluvun     1:55


Billboard Magazine March 23 1968 page 48 CANADA : "plus the disk debut of a new underground-ish group from Oshawa, Ontario, the Dril, with "The Sun Is Black"

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

POST #1-2018 CREATIVE ELECTRONICS-find enclosed "the last of c.e. jones"-1975 canada

CREATIVE ELECTRONICS-find enclosed "the last of c.e. jones"-1975 canada CE197


2018 will be the year freQazoidiac delves into the History of the Music Industry Arts "MIA" college program and it's associated recordings, at least on LP record that  were released as year end
demonstrations on vinyl.  In my heart I wanted to do this at least 10 years ago
but it took me many years to find the completion of the series of LP's released, the one I was
having the hardest time finding.. it was like mythological status.. was the 1st cornerstone LP
featured here today.  Ended up finding a copy this past summer at a Record store in London
Ontario..which I can count on for ignoring good records and selling for pennies.  Yap,
taste is subjective, and in this case,  I can count on 6 record store employees focusing on the
stereotypical rarities and classics and boosting their price up..while the gems falling through the
cracks of their fingers.   Oh the joy of leftovers.

Starting in 1969-1970 Tom Lodge, of Radio Caroline fame, was residing in Canada as a DJ
and was asked to start a program at Fanshawe College, London Ontario Canada that would focus
on the new sounds and  techniques in the audio/music recording industry.

Initially focus was on the technical side and the new Synthesizer market heard and seen on stage among some of the most popular groups of the day, showcasing Robert Moog's creation the Moog, and other manufacturers such as Roland. This concept quickly grew into a full fledged
music recording studio with stock of various instructors from all areas of the Recording industry,
nearing the end of the Creative Electronics program before it morphed into the MIA which exists to this very day, the students even helped with the building and design of the structure itself.

This LP represents the 5 years at it's very end, turning into the MIA course.  More history hopefully to  come since this is a work in progress and there are scant details so far. I hope to gather student body experiences as well as 'what happened to them'  and some bios about the actual course instructors.

Many involved in this recording alone have gone onto many projects in the Canadian music industry.
Simply follow the discogs entry I worked on for a few days to connect some dots with all the people

For example the sought after album by "The London Experimental Jazz Quartet -INVISIBLE ROOTS " features personelle  that were in the C.E. course and play on the LP.

Creative Electronics Fanshawe College London Ontario
Canada Course Music Sampler compilation.

This appears to be the only Album issued during the 5 year
run of the program before it turned into t he MIA or Music Industry Arts
program still run to this day.

If anyone has any info regarding other recordings released by students
it would be appreciated if you shared in the comments or if you
or someone you know attended the program.

tracks -  *no group names mentioned

A1     There And Back Again  0:00 - 4:28
A2     And If It Please You  4:30 - 9:14
A3     Solace   9:16 - 12:09
A4     Don't Let It Be That Way  12:10 - 15:26
A5     Angels      15:28 - 20:10
B1     R & B        20:15 - 23:37
B2     Stormy Calmness   23:38 - 28:30
B3     Deep Freeze    28:32 - 30:43
B4     Electronic Armies     30:45  33:28  * skips at end
B5     Don't Be Shy  33:29 - 36:34
B6     Earth Anthem   36:35   - 40:35

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo