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Monday, September 13, 2010

1989-1990 ? THE CENTURIONS - sounds like detroit electro - UK ENTER THE ARENA EP

1989-1990 ? THE CENTURIONS - sounds like detroit electro - UK ENTER THE ARENA EP

I have the year followed with a query, as I'm not quite sure when this was released.
For a record produced in the UK, it sounds very Detroit, something that would come
from the Inner City life circa 1986-1990.

If any cool cats out there know what the fellas behind this record did after this,
drop us  a comment.

This gem is dripping with TB-303 squelches, done in a tasteful, not overblown Josh wink style, but once again influenced by the Detroit scene.

A surprise is the last track "Centurion Love Theme" with it's laid back synth pads
laid overtop the always dope "get me back on time" break beat from Wilson Picket.
This could be considered ambient trip hop and is actually a bit ahead of it's time.

I posted this EP "enter the arena" on youtube in 2 parts.
Check it out below.

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