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Monday, September 17, 2007

Blow the lid off your cranium with THE OPEN MIND

One of the most revered albums in the psychedelic genre, and when you listen, it is obvious why. Not too complex, some riffs repeated from one track to the next, and with songs like "free as the breeze" you get an album living up to the title they dubbed themselves as. They released one single before the LP under the name of "the drag set" , an interesting example of the nucleus of the unique cohearant sound they ended up with on the entire Open Mind LP.

Aside from being killer, it is terribly rare, the original Philips pressing is just a tough find, especially trying to find one here in North America, as it was only released overseas, as the group was from the U.K. This pressing I converted to MP3 was from the 1986 Antar reissue, which tacks on their only Single as "the open mind -Magic potion/cast a spell" is one amazing 7" and the inclusion on this set , makes this an essential! Not sure of where they sourced the material for the reissue..could be original tapes, no indication, it is VERY clean and full sounding.

Does anyone know? This Does sound like it was recorded at EMI studios.. is this a right assumption? VERY similar production style to the Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow LP, in terms of the stereo field and overall feeling.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This classic LP, is now up on my KDX server, culled from a rather noisy/beat up copy. I actually added a bit of noise reduction on this one, and it came out rather nice. I did not equalize, or maximize it in any way. The MP3 format is rather forgiving for the transfer from vinyl in this case, it smoothed out some rough spots on the listen back. Tools used, in this sequence to capture the sounds from the record to digital:

Nagoka MP-11 moving magnet cartridge
Technics 1200mkII turntable
GLI PMX-9900 phono stage mixer
Pinnacle DC30Plus Audio PCI card 44/16

Processing after FLAT recording to digital:
.aiff file imported into SPARK XL 2.8 mac os 10.4.7
very slight noise reduction applied with TC spark "denoise" plugin
Plug in Rendered
saved, regions applied to separate tracks, then exported as regions,
.aiff files then imported into CLICKREPAIR 2.1.4
Click repair setting at 38
Process at wavelet mode
after function complete brought processed files back into
CLICKEPAIR and DeCrackle applied at setting 42
These processed files then saved and brought into
ITUNES to be converted to MP3 at variable bit rate above 225kbps 16 bit.

This is a rare exception of using any processing on music I import
from LP, but I must say i am pleased with the result, as I added
just the slightest to achieve my goal in this test.
The music is
still intact, and most of the crackle/noise is no longer. No brickwall
limiting, so the music retains it's important MONO dynamic range.

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo