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Friday, January 27, 2012

Spencer Davis Group-Gimme Some Lovin •Stereo• RESYNC 1966

Enjoy the remixed Video I made in Quicktime a while back, syncing a Youtube video to the Stereo (longer) mix with portions from
the Live Germany gig too.

         Uploaded by on Jul 18, 2011
ok so this isn't Nsync, this is the RESYNC. 
back in 2006 the youtuber "godzfire" posted the rare Spencer DG promo video shot in one of those Jet Set high fashioned malls of 1966. Pretty futuristic ! And you'll see little Stevie Winwood Gettin' his "hair did" with the space helmet! Pretty Futilistic! hahah anyways, I'm doing "GODZFIRE" a service because his post is dreadfully out of sync. I also used the FULL stereo mix, not the weird edit that was posted and tacked on to fill in the German Live set from early '67 probably from Beat Club. There were so many requests and threats to 'resync' it but none fullfilled so here you go GODZFIRE. You can grab it and repost it too if you want. PEACE AND NJOY.

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