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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

PETE SCHOFIELD AND HIS CANADIANS - stepping stone for young jazz players

Over the past decade and a half, it's been a pleasure to find a series of related LP's
that are landmarks for many musicians in Canada, then took care and culled these to digital
format from some 3 rare LP's released by this unique Canadian band leader.

I like the charm of these recordings, which are mostly covers, but done with conviction by a very young group, most members on each LP are general late high school age. I think every LP also features different musicians, as Pete's band was some sort of breaking ground for talented musicians. There is supposedly another LP (or maybe more?) if anyone has any other of his LP's, please let me know!
These were all taken from original LP's.

For a time before, I had only the Birchmount releases, so it was a big treat to find out his
first LP was issued on the fabulous RCA Camden series. The label can be a signpost
of diversity and excellent audio engineering and vinyl pressing quality is tops. And that brings
me to introduce the first Schofield LP, "THE OLD MEETS THE NEW"


pete schofield and the canadian college all stars

1965 ? 
RCA CAMDEN records

king of the road • and i love her • down by the old mill stream • 007 medley (dr no, goldfinger ) • blue velvet • the pink panther • harlem nocturne • summertime • baby elephant walk • auf widersehn

Listen to clips from the first LP :

featuring (probably first on wax for these 'kids' )

Pete Schofield: alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet
Bill Jackman: alto saxophone, clarinet
Steve Seto: tenor saxophone, clarinet
George Zarras: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Pete Maher: baritone and alto saxophone, clarinet
Ian MacKay: trumpet
Bob Edwards: lead guitar
Brian Pattullo: rhythm guitar
Rick Homme: bass
Garry Owens: drums

Now, that's a who's who of Canadian Talent.  For instance, Rick Homme played on countless sessions
as a master class bass player, frequently with the Laurie Bower Singers and providing the glue
for one of the most revered of Candiana Pop-sike-light albums by Hagood Hardy from 1971, MONTAGE.
I get requests for that album worldwide constantly. 

Cool out instrumental Jazz from Canada.

Pete takes a unique group of exceptionally young and talented musicians, 15 to 18 years old and create a breakthrough in today's popular music!!! (from back cover)

Nice renditions and Rare Canadian LP. Twangy Fender Surf guitar all over this and a nice back beat on most tracks when things aren't mellow.

ADDENDUM - sept.2011 -  
it's been a few years since this post, and still resonates with many music fans. I have to add that
I have come to know Rick Homme's daughter who has suffered a major loss, as Rick has recently passed
away. He is sorely missed by a huge base of friends and family but his work represents an important
time in Canadian music and the talent he shared is definitly revered worldwide. (I can prove it by the Japanese music collectors who go nuts over this era of Jazz - Pop)

pete schofield and the canadians


BM 502
birchmount records

sign of the times • moonlight serenade • canadian sunset • taste of honey • winchester cathedral • canada • yesterday • introducin' my man • what now my love • canadiana

Listen to Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Featuring : Ron Grant
George Zarraz
Doug Oliver
Pete Maher
Ian McKay
Brian Leonard
Rick Homme
Bob Edwards
George Collins

Cool out instrumental Jazz from Canada.

Rare Pete Schofield on Birchmount! A very collectable Canadian Label. This record is really cool, and is swingin' 60's groovy instrumental soul jazz style, done with a band of kids under 19!! :) 

Canadiana at it's best!

Pete Schofield and The Canadians • THE NOW SOUND
1969 BM 507 Birchmount records
Original Canadian Press
1-(do you know the way to) San Jose
 2-Witchita lineman
 3-music to watch girls by
 4-scarborough fair 
5-watermelon man
 7-the shadow of your smile
 8-i say a little prayer for you
 9-mrs. robinson 
10-georgy girl
 11-the look of love
 12-up, up & away
 13-goin' out of my head

Very rare canadian release. Pete schofield conducts a young group through some great covers of contemporary songs of the day. A good range here and all done in a mellow soul jazz style. Superb playing on all cuts and good sound.From the "canadian artists collection"

Clips from  NOW SOUND pete Schofield Pt 1:

Clips from  NOW SOUND pete Schofield Pt 2:


Pete Schofield was a music teacher, big band leader and, based on the evidence of this album cover, a soprano saxophonist. Along with his younger charges The Canadians he recorded at least two albums on Birchmount Records (this one and It's A Sign Of The Times), but more than that I do not know. As for The Canadians, they evidently had a revolving lineup, but at the time of this album's recording they were Ihor Kukurudza on guitar, Ray Banks on trumpet, John Meydam on drums and Rosy Sidgwick on bass (the rest of the brass section is not identified).

The Now Sound was recorded in 1969 at Sound Canada Studios in Don Mills (which was also home to The Rhythm Ramblers' album) by engineer Phil Sheridan, with musical arragements by Eddie Graff, Ray Sikora and Ken Garland. The album consists in its entirety of thirteen tracks of instrumental pop in the vein of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, of which the cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson," with its driving beat and insistent drone ...

DYSKOTEKA 8- jacek bromski

Here is a super fine Polish Oddity. Seems to be from a series of records where famous (?) Polish persons
select some of their favorite Polish music for a LP. This one features selection from Film Director
(producer?) Jacek Bromski. His selections are very cool, and diverse. Some real gems on here, and very
progressive for 1974. For those people that dig heavy funk grooves, this one has some real great moments
a full instrumental of crazy DJ premiere type sounds, some acid Progressive rock, and a few other surprises.
This was converted from the original LP record.

various artists
jacek bromski presents
SX 1213 
MUZA, polski nagrania
original Stereo Polish PRESSING

Here are the polish groups on this LP :
SBB, stan borys, czeslaw niemen, lee lynch, czerwone gitary, partita, pro contra, bemimem, henri seroka, wojciech skowronski, krystyna pronko, andrzej dabrowski.

na pierwsxy ogien, wyplakalem oczy niebieski, smutny ktos, i biedny nikt, huckle buck is back, coda, pytasz mnie co ci dam, ostatnie tango tej jesiieni, juz ci wiecej nie przyrzekne, yagna, nowy horyzont, ja to sie ciesze byle czym, jailhouse rock, morze wzywa, mon vieux bateau, biedna, all shook up, a ty sie bracie nie denerwuj, yagna

1-na pierwsxy ogien 0:43
2-wyplakalem oczy niebieski-HEAVY PROG 1:58
3-smutny ktos-FUNK SOUL HORNS 2:22
4- i biedny nikt-HEAVY FUNK 2:10
5-huckle buck is back 2:35
7- pytasz mnie co ci dam-ACID POP FLANGE 2:32
8-ostatnie tango tej jesiieni 2:45
9-juz ci wiecej nie przyrzekne-GROOVE POP SOUL 1:37
10-yagna-WEIRD MOOG 1:38
11-nowy horyzont-PROG INSTRUMENTAL 1:23
12- ja to sie ciesze byle czym- POP SKAT BREAKS 3:16
13- jailhouse rock 2:18
14-morze wzywa-SINGALONG POP 2:26
15-mon vieux bateau-BASSLINE SAMPLES 3:17
16-biedna-SWING BIG BAND VOCAL 2:15
17-all shook up 1:53
18- a ty sie bracie nie denerwuj-BAD DISCO FUNK 1:52
19-yagna PT 2-WEIRD MOOG 1:38

You could call this LP sampler, a "grab bag of beats"
This is a film score sampler to polish filmaker 'JACEK BROMSKI's tracks
either he really likes, or that he has put in his movies. I can't understand Polish, but I think it's him that comments between tracks, and he also drew the picture for the back cover. This is truly a mixed bag, and there are 3 TUFF BREAK BEATS to be utilized and other sample goodies. This is the "String Beat' LP little cousin. Soundtrack funk, Prog psych, Hard Rock, cheeze, showtunes, it's all on here.

Henryk Debich-STRING BEAT

SUPER Funk from Poland. I found this LP in Vancouver value village 2001. Just a month after I got there, it was very clear i was going to be unearthing some great music in the city of vancouver. NEVER a dull trip I tell you. This is one of the greatest Polish Funky groove Lp's. There are others that come close, but this one just edges out slightly. Some of the production reminds me of the Astro sounds from beyond the year 2000 LP.


Henryk DEBICH -
"String Beat" 

                                                    Polish Radio and TV Łodz Orchestra.
conducted by    Henryk DEBICH POLSKIE NAGRANIA MUZA SX1276 ( Stereo )


1. Na opak
2. Bez metalu
3. Gry
4. Oscypka
5. Standard in B


1. Theme from "Shaft"
2. Opadajacy widnokrag
3. Kameleon
4. Obladi - Oblada
5. Badz wieczorem w dyskotece

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

GRAND SLAM MAGAZINE PROMO CD retrospective special

Ok, similar story goes here  (as with our post on the UK magazine "big daddy" ) with this set of fine Promo CD's given away with the short run Hip Hop/Funk/Rare groove magazine from the UK. The last issue is shown in the picture from just after the end of the summer 2005. I am missing one VOLUME of the promo CD's. Anyone have it? (vol.3)


You can download each CD by following one of the 
following blog links that correspond to each volume


• grandslam PROMO CD 1

One-On (Volume 1)

Headbangers Ball 4:30 Dooley-o feat 1st Shawn Rhythm
When You're Standing On The Top 7:05 Super3
Sound Spectrum 2:57 Didier's Sound Spectrum
Speak 4:16 Cappo feat Scorzayzee
I Turn You On 2:22 The Latin Breed
Hip Hop On Wax (Edit) 1:42 Rob Swift Feat. Large Professor & DJ Radar
The Whatzit 3:19 Mickey & The Soul Generation
Mother Africa 4:48 Marijata
Chalkies 2:43 Express Rising
Coffee Pot (Part 1) 2:30 Bo Jr.
Plays The Breaks (Excerpt) 4:12 Soulman
Color 2:30 LA Carnival
Emcees Smoke Crack (Remix) 4:08 Edan
Revolverlution 3:01 Public Enemy
Solomon (Nostalgia 77 Remix) 3:40 Natural Self
Earth Break 5:45 Mr. Magic & Pookey Blow

'one-on' Volume 2

Great Britain 4:26 Scorazayzee
Shine 4:13 Sadat X, Money Boss Players
Joyriders (Ft. Cmone) 3:44 Styly C
Money Folder 2:05 Madvillain
Heavy Heavy 3:14 Keno 1 & The Hermit
Raw Ingredients 3:47 The Quantic Soul Orchestra
Winter Song 3:59 The Heliocentrics
Soul Heart Transplant 2:46 Ebony Rythm Band
Fast Man 2:36 The PC's Ltd.
Give A Man A Break 2:49 Charles Mintz
The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad 2:54 Pat Brown
What Price 3:04 Nathan Williams

One-On Volume 4

Rain Walk 4:27 Nostalgia 77
Look In The Want Ads 2:20 Emanons
We Need Peace & Love 4:03 LA Carnival
Blah Uno 3:39 Deda
What's The Use 3:09 Joey Irving
Funny Fake Snakes 3:11 Chris Lowe
Grand Final 3:47 Cappo Ft Scorzayzee
Boots Groove 1:52 Soul Toronados
Why (Lesbien) 3:43 Sadat X
Gray Boy 3:01 Human Race

****Like all posts, all media is available on my KDX server, email, or read the instructions in the links section at the right hand side

BIG DADDY MAGAZINE culled info from the defunct website CD PROMO RETROSPECTIVE

A while back randomly dug up and organized some old early 2000's UK underground
hip hop culture rags
Big Daddy magazines in the boxes and while I was at it, converted the Bonus CD's that came
with a few issues of Big Daddy in it's short existence to hold as
an offering to blog beast.

 We were able to find 3 of 4 volumes put out, swearing we had
all of them at one time..but I guess not.
If anyone has Volume 4, let me know! I would love to trade
(doesn't have to be a physical trade) All available on my KDX server.


You can download each CD by following one of the 
following blog links that correspond to each volume


• Big Daddy Vol. 1_ Off The Ropes   from issue 1

• Big Daddy-Vol 2-The Back Breaker from issue 2

• Big Daddy Volume 3_ The Showstopper from issue 3

Now on to the original post with detailed information on the Big Daddy feature.

Here's the info on each CD i have up :

Big Daddy Vol. 1_ Off The Ropes *(if anyone has the artist list for this CD , let me know! )

Untitled Beat 1:12 Various Artists
Turn Tha Party Out 3:24 Biz markie
Shake Down 3:30
Super 8 Part 2 2:34
Blow Your Top (Part 2)
Casella Walk (Instrumental) 2:55 Various Artists
What About You (In The World Today) 2:50 Various Artists
Nottingham Bronx 4:01 Various Artists
Alright 2:54 Various Artists
Queen's Palace 4:34 Various Artists
Murderer Style (Hey Gringo Remix) 4:53 Various Artists
Don't Drag Me In! 3:29 Various Artists
Live From Pimp Palace East 3:13 Various Artists
Inclines 3:27 Rising Express
The Dr. And The Diamond 3:34 David Axelrod

Big Daddy-Vol 2-The Back Breaker

Metropolis 3:36 Malcom Catto
Last Bongo In Brighton 4:01 DJ Format
Correct English 4:14 Aspects feat. Taskforce
Prowlin' 5:53 The Whitefield Brothers
How Would You Put This 5:13 Sir Beanz OBE ft Def Tex
Respite 3:56 Amicabilities
3 Kings 3:17 P Brothers ft Scorzayzee, Cappo & Mr 45
Dedication 3:41 Skitz Feat. Rodney P
Stone Cold Part 2 3:08 Soultors
Track Flight To Uranus 3:49 Nesta
Ripped Open By Metal Explosions 3:16 Galt McDermot

Big Daddy Volume 3_ The Showstopper

Showstopper 3:16 The P Brothers Ft. Mr. 45
Here Comes The Fuzz 3:30 DJ Format
Knick Knack 2002 (Edit) 2:56 Wildchild Ft. Medaphoar & Percee P
Freestyle Frenzy (Edit) 6:08 Joe Budh Ft. Scorzayzee, Skinny Man, Scorpio & Mr. 45
Interlude: Charlie's Theme 0:39 Charlie
Take Me 2:43 Fabulous Souls
Get Down With The Geater 2:34 Chet Ivey
Hard Eight 2:57 The Dap-Kings
Smiling While You're Crying 5:58 Poets Of Rhythm
The Movement 4:19 Natural Self
Electric Vibes 3:47 Mr. Chop
Rocket Ship 4:10 Stark Reality
Charlie's Theme 3:11 Jimi Entley
Somebody's Birthday 2:36 Express Rising
Jerusalem (Edit) 5:14 Kokolo
Big Daddy Theme 1:08 Big Daddy

following is a nice interview with some people who were involved in the magazine back in 2001 :


interview 0083 added 19.08.01 words & photos: DJ Precision
OK peeps... In a change to the normal swing of things, I decided it was time for me to actually do something for the site. Unfortunately, Sumo has inadvertently interviewed every emcee ever, so while we wait for a new generation of emcees to be born and grow old enough for Sumo to quiz them... Here's an interview with George Mahood, editor of the fine periodical Big Daddy...

Could you introduce yourself? What is your specific job within the magazine?

My name’s George, and roughly speaking, my job is editor / page layouts / mail order stock buyer / whatever else needs doing. Though I stay well clear of the money side due to my poor vinyl-related financial track record.

How did the magazine actually come around starting up?

I wanted to do something constructive after nearly getting killed in a car crash around ‘95. So I put the idea together, and did some groundwork and research while I was studying in the US during 1996. I’ve always read the music press since I was a kid, and I’ve always thought it was inadequate, so it was a natural thing to want to do.

Where did you get the idea for the name 'Big Daddy'?

From our favourite wrestler of all time, of course: Shirley "Big Daddy" Crabtree. Cry-Baby Cooper and Giant Haystacks were also hardcore fighters, but their names just didn't sound as good.

What was the main goal when the magazine was in the development stages?

To create a hip hop mag that wasn’t too bothered about trends or industry concerns, and make it something that covered hip hop culture in the broadest possible sense of the term.

Was finance a problem at the beginning?

Not really, because the first person who saw the plans myself and Shok 1 were working on was enthusiastic and decided to put their money in the pot. Though no-one getting paid for the first year and a half and I was on brass tacks, so that was quite a major problem… we definitely paid our dues!

George cunningly disguised as 'Joke Bloke' from the Daily Star
Are you happy with the position that Big Daddy is in now?

Definitely, though it’d be nice to get into the newsagents and corner shops eventually.

Roughly what circulation does the magazine have?

21,000 copies worldwide.

Do you sell a lot of copies outside of Britain?

Actually it’s strange, because nearly half of copies sell outside of the UK. There isn’t a similar mag elsewhere really, so people love all the information and interviews in Big Daddy.

How did you go about deciding which articles and columns would feature in the magazine?

I knew roughly what I wanted, so it was just a matter of finding the right people to do it. Since the start, some great writers like Soulman, Snowboy, Egon (Stones Throw) and the P Brothers have got involved. As it goes on, hopefully I’ll pick up some more people of that calibre. There’s some interesting celebrity contributors in the pipeline, but I don’t want to jinx anything by spilling the beans just yet!

How did some of the more unorthodox articles get into the magazine (such as the darts news column)?

Well we are all big darts fans so we decided we needed to have a darts column. I was pleased with the way our darts correspondent “The Hound” handled his coverage of The Lakeside last year especially. We definitely hope to feature more pub sports in the future! If nothing else, it baffles Americans which we find entertaining in a pathetic way. Plus, you need some things like that to break up all the serious interviews.

Was the decision to cover a much wider range of music an effort to sell to a wider audience or was there another reason for that?

At the start I wasn’t really thinking about shifting units, it was more an attempt to link different types of music. There’s a lot of people who enjoy listening to a combination of hip-hop, reggae, funk and whatever else, and then there are also some purists who only like one thing. But regardless, there are a lot of similarities between those different things. Now Jazz / Latin is getting some light through a new section that Snowboy is doing. If we can get more pages, I’d like to start featuring other types of music too. All the scenes are relatively small in themselves, so it’s strength in numbers. Plus they’re all relevant to hip-hop in one way or another.

To you try to cover all the elements of hip-hop in equal proportion?

As much as possible, though it can be hard because for example there’s only so much you can say about performance DJs, especially at the moment where there seems to be a certain lack of ideas in the turntablist circuit. Plus I’m not too concerned with that whole “4 Elements” thing; it’s all a bit false and up-its-own-arse if you ask me. I think talking about producers like David Axelrod or certain jazz artists is just as relevant, if not more relevant to hip-hop than going on about the latest DJ battle.

Who is Big Daddy’s target audience, and who do you find is it’s actual audience?

The audience is record buyers, music fans, b-boys, collectors, trainspotters, freaks, and anyone else with an interest in the type of stuff we cover. We have never done a readership survey, marketing, or anything like that before, though we’re just about to so we’ll find out soon.

How would you say Big Daddy differs from other hip-hop magazines around?

Most mags only cover rap, and the odd DJ if you’re lucky. It’s an industry at the end of the day, and while Big Daddy is a part of it now, I try not to let it succumb to the pressures that make certain other mags so weak and “industry-linked” - to put it politely.

Do you think that Big Daddy makes an effective ‘learning tool’ as well as an entertaining read? I ask this because the magazine has taught me so much about digging since I started reading it.

Yeah, that’s the idea! Hopefully there’s a fair bit of information in each issue that will expand people’s knowledge and horizons.

Do you not think that the large amounts of information in the magazine could be seen as daunting by the average reader though? Are you worried about alienating potential audiences?

It is definitely daunting at times, and we are trying to make it a little more presentable. But if people want to get the magazine equivalent of watching Jerry Springer, there’s a lot of titles out there they can buy to fulfill that need… Big Daddy is a niche magazine, so we will probably never achieve massive mainstream success on the level of something like The Face or Loaded. In any case, I think that if we tried too hard to appeal to the masses, we would lose a lot of the reasons why people enjoy it.

How do you continue to get so many high profile people involved and/or interviewed in the magazine? Is there some kind of secret involved?

Erm, no, not at all! Even from before the first issue came out, I found that a lot of fairly well known people were willing to give a bit of their time. I guess if nothing else, it’s a way of getting some publicity, and people can see that we’re not going to try and misrepresent them.

When you look back at all the interviews you’ve done, are you surprised how many musical and hip hop legends you’ve covered in only 7 issues?

I think we could be doing a lot better than we are really. I’m surprised how crap and shallow most other music magazines are, because what we do is not that hard at all, it’s just a matter of putting a little work in. Most editors and journalists must just sit there and wait for PR people to ring up and tell them what music to write about. I can’t understand how little effort and thought goes into the average magazine in WH Smiths, all those people must just be on the take from the big record companies. Shit is foul!!

page 2
What has been your favourite interview so far?

It’s a tie between Keb Darge, Charlie Chase, Biz Markie and Rodney P. They’re all interesting people I look up to, with a lot of history to tell and opinions to express.

Who was the hardest interview to track down and sort out?

Out of the ones that have been printed, probably Moe Love. The P Brothers had to speak at length with his Mum over a period of several weeks before
the interview actually took place. She said he was injured, but we suspect he was in away in a silver spaceship with Jazzy Jay at the time.

If it hasn’t already happened. What would be your perfect interview for the magazine?

Beyonce and Lucy Liu in a mud bath in Costa Rica! Erm, a slightly more realistic one would be the whole of the Juice Crew reunited in Marley Marl’s studio. But I don’t think that will ever happen either, so a good one would be David Lynch. I love Twin Peaks and I’d like to know what the hell was going through his mind when he made that series. Also I wish I could’ve interviewed James Brown at his peak, KMD at the time when “Mr Hood” came out, and JR Tolkien, amongst many others.

Who gives the best freebies with releases (e.g. Roots new LP came with free pack of Rizla's I think)?

The free Roots Manuva rizlas were good - but they weren't Blue's, they were kind of a wierd cross between blues and reds. So i only use them late at night when i've run out of my regular brand. Yesterday i recieved a CD of Eyedea and Abilities (from the Rhymesayers label)'s LP wrapped in a free
promotional Nappy, which was definitely a good effort. But the best one has to be 4 promotional toys of a pig that shits when you squeeze it, courtesy
of Soul Fire Records. It even had their logo printed on the pig's arse. If anyone out there thinks they can top that, feel free to send packages in to
us c/o PO Box 384, Nottingham, NG7 3HN...

Do you check the internet much, and if so do you ever read

I use the internet primarily for locating records. That doesn't leave me much time for regular net surfing. But yes, i do read UKHH sometimes!

Do you think internet mags can rival paper mags if they are reguarly updated?

They can content-wise, but you can't check a website properly when you'reon the bog or in the bath, and that's where i like to do my reading.

The magazine has a large emphasis on digging, do you go digging yourself?

Whenever I can. I find it hard to walk past a record shop or anywhere else that might have vinyl without going through everything in there. My hip-hop collection is pretty good, my funk is getting there, and I also collect jungle 12”s from ’93 and ’94 amongst other stuff. I’ll buy anything that looks interesting though, especially junk records with breaks and spoken word on them.

What is your favourite section of the magazine?

At the moment, probably the Funk 45 Files, because I’m pretty proud of what we’ve achieved with it. It’s of marginal interest to a lot of people, but I think it’s important to tell the stories of bands like Leroy and the Drivers and the Highlighters. The new “Heavy Bronx Experience” section is doing the same thing in a way, look out for more like the recent Ultramagnetic MCs article coming soon.

What does the future hold for Big Daddy?

Well we’ve got a CD on the cover of the new mag, so I’d like to keep that going in future issues. We’re getting involved in some club nights too, but the main thing really is to try and get the distribution working better because people still have problems finding it.

Can we expect to see any changes to the magazine in the future?

We’re definitely going to try and make it more presentable and less daunting (as you pointed out), while keeping it hardcore at the same time.

Have you got any insider gossip of anyone within the industry??

None that i want to dish out! I try and keep my nose out of politricks as much as possible. To quote DJ Ivory: "No time for politics - just Loud

Finally, thanks for your time, and would you like to give any shouts or plug the magazine?

No problem. As far as plugs go, we’ve got a new mixtape, The Funk 45 Files, compiled by Egon (Stones Throw) and Dante Carfagna (Memphix). To get a copy and to subscribe to our monthly Mail Order List, email We’re doing a Memphix Records funk 45 club tour in October with Dante and Chase One, so look out for that. Plus the new issue should be out as you read this, with the free compilation CD “Off The Ropes” – still only £3.50, so go get it! Lastly, we’ll have a new website up around October, because our current site is pretty lame – watch his space.

Shouts to Wilson, Optic, Atomical, Styly C, the P Brothers, Cappo, Big Trev, Scor-Zay-Zee, C-Mone and all Out Da Ville crew, Joe Buhdha, DJ Fever, Rich Rockswell and all other Nottingham Bronx Residents

Cheers to George for the interview and keep it going!
Big Daddy is available in all fine record shops and newsagents now. And even in Virgin.


Sunday, December 30, 2007


Here is the hella good and alternate only available in Canada LP record, the 2nd Yardbirds release on the fab Canadian Capitol 6000 series. Always top thick rainbow pressings, this is one of the great 6000 releases. Side 1 is awesome studio tracks, including the first version of the guitar battle classic "train kept a rollin'" and then the 2nd side is all LIVE. I'm talking energy at the seat of your pants high energy epitome of RAVE UP document. I love this record, it's really a must have if you like any electric and eclectic music. A nice fresh rip from original Mono Pressing. Although not advertised anywhere on the LP, side 2 features Eric Clapton, with some extra material culled from the Five Live Yardbirds LP, and then side 1 is all Jeff Beck. The cover photo shows Jeff Beck in the lineup.

Here's the actual audio i posted on Youtube :





Peanut Butter Conspiracy : the Great Conspiracy


this one was found at a London Ontario Record show in 2005. Ripped from original MONO LP.
solid sounds, like a harmony laden Janis Joplin and Big Brother. With song titles such as " Turn on a friend (to the good life)" how can you go wrong here, brothers and sisters?

year end wrap up..

My server is still gaining momentum into 2008..thanks to all who have had the interest and also traded/contributed ...access to my KDX server is very easy (which houses thousands of rarities from original LP pressings) Members in 2007 are very very, pleased as I have been to have met and great to get to know them. This makes my blog unique, compared to 1000's of other, very volatile "rapidshare" blogs. This is not a competition or popularity contest... My main goal is to create dialogue and community for our hobby of collecting rare music.
A member I met in the summer, sparked the idea for a limited run of the complete International artists box set from vinyl, with Pro printing copies of all 12 albums in full colour, a hand made mini box to put them all in and excellent CD red book pressings. They are always available to run off if anyone is interested. John from California bought one set off me and he is extremely pleased :D's a picture of the final product :


I have much more added to my KDX server now, and some video clips coming soon of rare music live performances or tv show performances, once my video card comes and a few Hard Drives for my SOOPED up powerpc 9600 from 1997 that runs in real world circumstances jus' fine now. The Groove yard KDX server does mostly host music from Original record pressings and other audio antiquities, some kindly donated or traded, and some from my personal record collection. Wish i was more talktative..but I am a person of few words...soo on that string of letters, Peace and happy new year!

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo