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Saturday, August 15, 2009

DUKE-RUNAWAY GIRL-JOY 7"-1972?-minimal drum machine psych

DUKE-RUNAWAY GIRL-malaguena-JOY 7"-1972- 45 rpm USA?? mwx-391-stereo

produced by : R. Zanke & R. Dukett (is Dukett the DUKE?)

Gold Mine Music INC -

I have not heard or seen this anywhere other than the box this came in, I ordered on ebay once a few years ago.. a random mixed lot box of singles, from somewhere in California. This is one of the gems out of that box. Runaway Girl is the original song on the 45, written by DUKE - R. Dukett. haunting, a very mellow riff, with psych phasing and some early re-appropriated use of a electronic organ drum machine, around the same time Sly Stone and Shuggie Otis where using them for the same effect. As is, seems very rare, can anyone fill in the details about Duke? Is this the same JOY records that became the Hip Hop/ Rap label? it's basically the same typeface/logo.

enjoy the a/v clip :

shandels-the- no way out / treat me like a man - Carldell music- C-510 45rpm 7" single 1964-65? garage

taking a chance to take the time, to stop by at a historically bad Value village, when it comes to record selection, in Cambridge, ontario, I ended up finding a few mid 60's garage-folk-psych rock singles.

This gem is from 1965
No Way Out / Treat Me Like A Man (Carldell C-510) 1965
"treat me like a man" was redone in studio, and has a more garage rock sound
compared to this single, and is featured on a compilation re-issue.

Some other releases, are as follows : (this single was their first)
Please Stay / Treat Me Like A Man (alternate version) (Showcase S-404) 1965
Fifteen Children / Shades Of Blue (La Salle L-381) 1967
Barnyard Blues / ? (La Salle ) 1967
Gypsy / Try A Little Tenderness (La Salle 25) 1968
NB: (2) as by Shan Dels. (5) by Ellen and The Shandels.

Enjoy the video/audio from the actual 45:

some info from the defunkt website FuzzAcidFlowers:

'A band from the Long Island, New York communities of Levittown and Wantaugh. They specialized in subdued beat-pop and garagey ballads with a unique twist. Instead of a lead guitar they employed a Cordovox, a small keyboard-like organ, whose accordion-like strains enhances the moodiness and infuses a Gallic flavour.

Produced by NYC impressario Carl Edelson (also responsible for release by The Lemon Sandwich and The Taboos), they would release several interesting 45s over a three year period, culminating in a 1968 recording where they backed a female singer called Ellen on a torrid psychedelic soul rendition of the Moody Blues' Gypsy.

No Way Out is a harmonious midtempo charmer; Treat Me... is coy bouncy pop; Please Stay is a minor-mood garage ballad with a nod to the Zombies' school of wistfulness.

Compilation appearances include: Shades Of Blue on Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 5 (LP & CD); Please Stay on Shutdown '66 (LP) and Psychedelic States: New York Vol. 1 (CD).

(Max Waller/Mike Markesich)************

There are a total of 5 Shandel-Shandells bands listed in FuzzAcidFlowers! From all ends of the USA.
There also appears to be one of the incarnations of the Shandel(l)s that has strong ties to Chocolate Watch Band. Take note of the 2 people in the article to follow, it's obvious their connection with the Watch band, but not so clear, which Shandels they played in. There is a vauge connection with Skip Spence and the Brent group, "the other side".

Here's the bit, on the history of the Chocolate watch band :
The band were also friends with another act called The Topsiders who for a short while included Skip Spence, prior to his joining Jefferson Airplane. In 1965, both bands underwent a number of changes, with Phay, Torney and Kemling all leaving to join The Topsiders (who then became The Other Side), whilst Sean Tolby, moved from The Topsiders to The Chocolate Watchband. Indeed Mark Loomis (ex-Shandels) also had a brief spell with The Other Side after Rich Young was drafted, before he decided to reform the 'Watchband with Gary Andrijasevich and Jo Kemling. The latter opted to stay with The Other Side however, and bassist, Bill Flores (ex-Shandels) and, a vocalist, biology student Dave Aguilar, were drafted in to complete The Chocolate Watch Band's new line-up. Heavily influenced by British R & B outfits like The Stones and The Yardbirds, the band gigged regularly around the Bay Area supporting bands like The Doors, Big Brother and The Holding Co. and The Mothers of Invention.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keefe Sisters-our heritage and other things-Canada Folk Psych PART 2

Back in 2007, I posted a little info about this LP, but no audio example
at that time. Well, here's 4 tracks from the album.
If you notice the original Posting, 2 of the Keefe Sisters had
dropped a comment, and unfortunately, according to them, one sister has
Passed away.
I hope all that listen, enjoy this. I find them charming.

4 selections from the very rare LP on ARC/Caribou records (the only caribou LP i know of)
from 1975. -
These teens at the time, were from Cape Breton. I also will be trying to find out who the
musicians are on this LP. Very solid playing.

NOTE : Patricia (keefe) Gysbers, one of the Keefe Sisters, has informed me
that "The musicians for this album was none other than Newfoundlands own Harry Hibbs and the Caribou Showband."

Well, this solves in my mind the query about the label name subsidary of Arc, Caribou.
If you look on some Harry Hibb Arc LP's you will see he is LIVE at the Caribou club.
Since i'm not from out east, and dont' know much about Harry either, I am to assume it was
his club, and in turn, a label he started?

tracks in the video/audio clip:
1-Love knows
2-Home from the forest
3-Try a little kindness
4-Let's take a journey (written by Jamie Keefe-now deceased)

john michael green-still the innocent

JOHN MICHAEL GREEN Still The Innocent (Private) Canada 1980

Solid, obscure canadian album, not too sure if John released any other material. A beautiful album, with psychedelic touches and interplay between John and the enchanting voice of Kim Buller. Some dark moments mixed with pop, a bit of roy orbison meets early 80's REM, and to top it off, some timeless, deep lyrics.

I converted this from LP a few years back, and had to play back from the digital source in the video. Once I dig up my LP, I will re-do the video, and add the information from a Newspaper clipping that was stuck inside the copy I found.

Players John Michael Green - vocals, acoustic guitar / Kim Buller - vocals / Bob LeMay - drums, harmony / Jamie Matheson - lead guitar / Nicholas Paterson - bass / Dave Scott - lead guitar / Mike Soldink - bass / Kathy Hill - flute

Tracks The Hourglass Journey - Kelly's Song - Still The Innocent - Your Own Song - Trilogy For Tomorrow - Last Curtain Call - The Ride - Let Me In - Follow Your Heart - Collage


Monday, August 10, 2009

KDX-HAXIAL-has gone the way of Hotline


As some may be aware, I use KDX server software to host my music library to the world.
I was informed by a friendy guest on this blog that they could no longer access the KDX
website to download the Software to connect.

This seems to be just the effect of the company ceasing operations, but the KDX COMMUNITY
is still going strong and I still will continue to use it to host my library.
If you cannot find the KDX client software for your computer platform on google,
just drop me a line and I'll provide you with the software.

In the meantime, I will also be looking into a new possible replacement for file sharing.
There is something by Zanka Software, very similar to KDX called Wired, which
I may implement, but it only runs on Intel and PowerPC-based Macs, not native windows,
but this is supposed to change soon.

If anyone has details on why KDX ceased operations, please leave some info in the comments if
you can.

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo