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Monday, August 6, 2012

Robert Armes-Songs For Icarus - LPCD torrent

Robert Armes-Songs For Icarus 1972 PRIVATE PRESS

Please revist my first post about this Canadian album
if you want to know more details about it.

This post is for the purpose of now sharing
the Lossless version I made from my one and
only copy of the LP.

This album is so rare in Canada it fetches for much money, if ever
even seen. Aside from the copy I own I have only seen it come
up on feebay once or twice.

There are lots of overhyped Robert Armes stuff running of the
legend of this album. The other stuff justs does NOT compare
because although this album is titled as being Robert's own
but he is working with a group he gelled with naturally
and to get live recordings like this with minimal gear
is a real scarce thing. And the vibe is timeless.

It's one of my favorite Canadian albums for sure.

LPCD lossless and AAC ready for sharing.

Some words

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