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Saturday, April 16, 2011

harry BELAFONTE sings the blues-RCA VICTOR-LOP1006-MONO-canada-1958

h a r r y   B E L A F O N T E 
- s i n g s   t h e   b l u e s -
RCA VICTOR- LOP1006 -  M O N O - canada -1958

MONO .AIFF FILE (cd redbook quality 16/44)

Design compilation-layout remanipulation by :
recorded to digital from original LP 2011
harry BELAFONTE sings the blues-RCA VICTOR-LOP1006-MONO-canada-1958 LPCD-freqazoidiac

C O N T E N T S :

harry BELAFONTE sings the blues-RCA VICTOR-LOP1006-MONO-canada-1958 LPCD-freqazoidiac
01-a fool for you.aif
02-losing hand.aif
03-one for my baby.aif
04-in the evenin' mama.aif
05-hallelujah i love her so.aif
06-the way that i feel.aif
07-cotton fields.aif
08-god bless the child.aif
09-mary ann.aif
10-sinner's prayer.aif
11-fare thee well.aif

A seminal album by Belafonte. 
Very durable, and a fabulous nod to the Blues
with the high end studio at his disposal.

This is the MONO canadian mix from the 1st pressing LP on RCA Victor.

I have not heard the Stereo mix, but I'm sure that sounds great too being RCA did pretty
nice mastering of both formats.

Turns out this album has been carefully reissued
a few times, including by Classic Records
as one of their first releases.  

Never a Canadian Mono until now! 

online review - Belafonte Sings the Blues is an album by Harry Belafonte, released by RCA Victor (LPM-1972) in 1958. It was recorded in New York on January 29 (with Alan Greene as leader) and March 29 (with Bob Corman as leader), and in Hollywood on June 5 and 7 (with Dennis Farnon as leader).

This compelling set of vocal blues tunes by Harry Belafonte came as a pleasant surprise in his career. Never before had he sung on records as he did for this 1958 album. There is still much of the performer and the folk singer in his basic presentation here, but there is also rawness and fervor for the blues feeling.

Backed appropriately by superior groups, featuring outstanding jazz soloists —Belafonte always dug jazz—he manages to come through as a fine, warm, moving blues singer of emotional smoothness and control.

MOJO review :


When Tom Waits guest edited MOJO 200 there was one piece he insisted needed to appear in the magazine: an interview with his hero Harry Belafonte. Singer, songwriter and producer extraordinaire Joe Henry was duly tasked with interviewing the great man, delivering an exemplary piece in the process. For the MOJO team, it was a journey of rediscovery into Belafonte's music, and this - his eighth album - proved territory well worth revisiting.

By 1958, Belafonte's glittering career - he was the first artist to sell a million records with 1956's landmark Calypso set - had seen him cut across genres and styles at will, taking in folk, country, spirituals, jazz as well as Caribbean-rooted music. Here, however, he found liberation in the blues.

Producer Ed Welker's skill ensured that covers of Leadbelly's Cotton Fields (subsequently a bop-blues live staple in Harry's set), Ray Charles's A Fool For You and Billie Holiday's God Bless The Child ("the greatest song ever!" enthused the interpreter in the album's sleevenotes) are stirring, warm and utterly exquisite. On release, Belafonte Sings The Blues was his lowest-charting LP to that point. Today this 10-track set sounds like a stone cold classic.

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