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Monday, February 7, 2011

the passing fancy story Canadian music heritage- PT- TUESDAY'S CHILDREN


backstory :

I was going to offer this as a full download, but it's a bit dodgy due to the source
backup I made in 2003. The disc proved defective and I no longer own the LP
(well I do, but it's  a very bad condition LP) I sourced the CD from.
I could only play this back on a 1st gen Sony Playstation with the great
analogue audio circuit. You can hear the clipped parts that sound like
slight skips. Other CD players cannot read this CD at all, the PS-1 did a commendable
job. I had to play it real time and re-capture on my Pismo.

Because of these factors, I am only releasing it as a curiosity and a video
to accompany this post and the links within other Passing Fancy related
articles on freqazoidiac.

The video (compiled by oatstao)
in 2 parts is the full album with a few edits to make it fit two 15minute
youtube uploads.


Summer 1968 :
Tuesday's Children was formed in Toronto a year ago 
and is sure to catch the ear of the record buyer who 
is in tune to today's sound, styles swinging from rock 
to west coast jazz to honky tonk. 

Addendum 2011 :

These tracks are from the Suzanne Recording Sessions
released a year after the recording date by the
recomposition label Birchmount Records from Toronto Canada.
One of the spooky gems is an instrumental version
of " YOU TRY " with Suzannes leaked voice floats
in like a dub spirit, and I am referring to this
vibe because of the atmosphere they pull off the
striking medly of "Spooky / Going out of my head ".  
Aside from the unique cover material, the music was
written, arranged, and performed by Greg Hambleton
(likely his brother Fergus) and some members of A
Passing Fancy, one of Canadas most revered 1960's
Psychedelic Pop groups which only released one LP on
the obscure label BOO (sold mostly out of a Toronto
Record Shoppe) and others who are not credited .
In retrospect, it would make sense that the Birchmount
 recordings were Demos when they were shopping for
Major Label Deals (Fergus eventually signed to Capitol.)
Hearing the oft. covered ‚"I believe in sunshine" in an
 almost prototypical form, it's a real treat with that
 parlor piano banging. Makes me think this band is the
Bar band of the Hambletons with friends backing them up.
 A real nice balance of covers going the gamut of styles.
 Real hammond organ and some sweet distorted fuzz on a
few tracks for some spice.
~procured by freqazoidiac 2011 -

tuesday's children
BM 508
birchmount records


No players listed except in song title
credits : G.Hambleton, J. hartford,
Lennon' McCartney, Clyde Otis,
R. Mathison, Buie- Cobb Gordy,
Marsh-Wiber-Blackburn, Popp, Cour

- converted from orig vinyl : 2003

some information about Passing Fancy below from :

Wow, here's one where the hype doesn't do the band
or their album justice.

In most cases a band typically releases a couple
of tracks for a small independent label, before
being discovered by a major label which then
promotes them into oblivion.  Toronto's A
Passing Fancy opted to do it ass-backwards.

Formed in 1967 and originally known as The Dimensions,
this outfit was built around the talents of singer/guitarist
Jay Tefler and bassist Fergus Hambleton.  Switching
their name to the infinitely hipper 'A Passing Fancy',
the group achieved their initial successes playing
Toronto's club circuit, including a headlining stint
at the 1967 Toronto Expo.  The resulting publicity
saw them 'discovered' by Columbia Records, which
subsequently released a string of four outstanding
pop/psych singles:

- 1967's 'I'm Losing You' b/w 'A Passing Fancy'
(Columbia catalog number C4-2729)

- 1967's 'You're Going Out of Your Mind'
b/w 'Sounds Silly' (Columbia catalog number C4-2755)

- 1967's 'I Believe In Sunshine'
 b/w 'She Phoned' (Columbia catalog number C4-2767)

- 1968's 'People In Me' b/w 'Spread Out'
(Columbia catalog number C4-2772)

Here's where it gets weird.  In spite of the
 fact all four singles hit the Canadian charts,
 Columbia elected not to release an album, and
by mid-1968 the band were without a recording
 contract.  Back to the independents ...

The group signed with the small, Toronto-based
Boo Records which promptly released the cleverly
titled "A Passing Fancy".  Produced by John Cirvine,
 the album served to compile the 'A' and 'B' sides
 from the four earlier singles, along with four
new tracks - 'Island', 'Your Trip', ' Little Boys
for Little Girls' and 'Under the Bridge'.  As a
compilation the album's quite diverse with the band
showcasing an almost chameleon-like adaptability.
 Largely penned by Tefler and April Blackwood (?),
tracks such as the slashing 'I'm Losing Tonight'
 and 'People In Me' are first-rate garage rock.
The title track, the annoyingly catchy
'I Believe In Sunshine' and 'Island' showcase a
top-40 pop feel, while 'You're Going Out of My Mind'
and 'Spread Out' find the band immersed in wild
 psychedelics.  Frequently diversity equates
 to lack of focus, but in this case it simply
makes a great album even better.  In fact, the
only real disappointment is the bland and tame
ballad 'Sounds Silly'.  Elsewhere Boo tapped
'Island' b/w 'Your Trip' for the group's fifth and
final single (Boo catalog number 684).  Unfortunately,
as a small regional label Boo was unable to support
the album nationally (explaining why it's relatively
 rare and the asking price), and even though the
LP generated strong reviews, by the end of the
 year the band had called it quits.

involved memembers :

- Ron Forster - vocals, lead guitar

- Fergus Hambleton - vocals, bass

- Rick Mann - bass

- Louis Pratile - drums

- Brian Price - keyboards

- Phil Seon - lead guitar

- Brian Smith - rhythm guitar

- Jay Telfer - vocals, rhythm guitar

- Dan Troutman - bass

- Steve Wilson - drums

- The Ginger Group (Fergus Hambleton)

- Fergus Hambleton (solo efforts)

- The Sattalites (Fergus Hambleton)

- Jay Telfer (solo efforts)

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
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but unknown period of existance.

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