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Saturday, January 5, 2013

milan kymlicka-CLOCKWORK ORANGE and other fun bits 1973 Canadian Talent Library

Milan Kymlicka-
CLOCKWORK ORANGE and other fun bits-

Milan put together a few albums on CTL -Canadian Talent Library-
and the transition label Kanata
before CTL was solidified in the late 60's early 70's and alot of CTL
issues were only available in small quantities and to Radio Programmers/DJ's around Canada.

He has a nice smooth style with many influences and textures thrown in and this LP of his
is the most diverse I have heard and it seems to be very scarce.
This has the common CTL cats playing including Bobby Edwards on guitar, hitting the fuzz
attack on a few tracks including the knockout version of 'Peter and the Wolf' with a pounding
rhythm track by Terry Clarke leading the way and extremely heavy bass and the multi-
talented Eric Robertson (the majestics) plays Piano / Harpsichord.

LISTEN TO -PETER AND THE WOLF- -------------------

01-theme from clockwork orange
02-boccherini's minuet
03-peter and the wolf
04-for elise (fur elise)
05-romeo and juliet
06-symphony #39 in E FLAT (fourth movement)
07-songs my mother taught me
08-chorus of the hebrew slave-from NABUCCO
09-symphony #7 in A (second movement)
10-sonata in A minor

Thursday, January 3, 2013

m.c. breed-& DFC-1991- SDEG - LISTEN - LPCD

m.c. BREED -& DFC-1991-ichiban-sdeg-SDE4103-LPCD

 m.c. breed-& DFC-1991-ichiban-sdeg-SDE4103

underground slang 0:32
job corp 3:20
that's life 6:43
ain't no future in yo frontin 11:28
just kickin it 15:33
better terms 19:25

i will excell 23:22
get loose 26:58
black for black 29:08
guanja 31:50
more power 38:13
BONUS :  ain't no future in yo frontin-FUTURE MIX REMIX-1991-12P077 42:25

eric breed & herman lang 

This is a standout 1st album for a Rapper from Flint Michigan who actually had
quite the extended career for someone simply coming out of nowhere
in the Hip Hop game, until his own mortality gave way, MC Eric Breed dying in 2008.

When it came out in 1991 I searched high and low for an LP copy of the album having
to settle for the singles on wax and tape/cd copies of the album.
I found the LP years later on ebay.

- the rmx single side which came about about half a year after the first pressing of "ain't no future" that originally had 'just kickin' it' on the flip had the 'twas mix' original version of future and this version I'm presenting which was already moving towards what sounds like some bed tracks used in 20 Below (Breeds follow up 2nd LP)
Below is a blurb from Wiki - I don't recall EVER hearing Just Kickin it on the Radio, only Future - I was close to Detroit area where Breed was from Flint Michigan - Possibly Kickin it was bigger in the south eastern states, closer to Georgia where this single was pressed and released by Swamp Dogg. Single shows up on Rap lists, was featured I think in the source so it must have hit New York hard. 

  - The album spawned two charting singles, "Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'", which made it to #12 on the Hot Rap Singles and #66 on the Billboard Hot 100, and "Just Kickin' It" which made it to #10 on the Hot Rap Singles.



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Sunday, December 30, 2012

ben e king-street tough-1981-atlantic full album-smooth early 80s soul

street tough-1981-atlantic-USA-Stereo-SD19300-LPCD

listen to - 'why is the question' 
Here is the entire LP which in my regard, is a lost classic, the single
from the LP same as title as the album is well known but this WHOLE
album is a great listen end to end and is one of my personal favourites
of the genre and was a total surprise to hear when I found this sometime
in the early 90s.

There is a mixed bag of writers here including Willie Hutch, Van McCoy,
Ben E King, Joe Cobb, Janet Alhanti and Barrie Palmer.

Most songs are in the key of relationships of Man and Woman
in a very loving manner with yearning of continuity and progression.

The sound is very refined  and it's got what I gather from the dynamics to
being the highest quality sound of an analogue system merging with
new studio tech of the new decade (1980s) and really no gimmicks
plague this album at all. The synth sounds are PERFECT quiet storm
type sounds, the rock guitar, when it shows up is nicely blended and
not wanker riffs, Bass guitar is sooo damn funky with that street
tough sound that was soon to be utilized by Hip Hop. The drums
are all real with a great crack of the woody snare and some angelic
soul vocals grace this album over top of Ben's mature and defined
sexy voice.

I call this a lost classic because I have never heard anyone talk about the LP
in any terms and other die hard soul collectors I know have never seen or heard

I wanted to share this back in 2007 as one of my first posts but it got lost in the shuffle.

Here's to another year - 2012  merging soon - peace to all in 2013 !!!!

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