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Sunday, December 30, 2012

ben e king-street tough-1981-atlantic full album-smooth early 80s soul

street tough-1981-atlantic-USA-Stereo-SD19300-LPCD

listen to - 'why is the question' 
Here is the entire LP which in my regard, is a lost classic, the single
from the LP same as title as the album is well known but this WHOLE
album is a great listen end to end and is one of my personal favourites
of the genre and was a total surprise to hear when I found this sometime
in the early 90s.

There is a mixed bag of writers here including Willie Hutch, Van McCoy,
Ben E King, Joe Cobb, Janet Alhanti and Barrie Palmer.

Most songs are in the key of relationships of Man and Woman
in a very loving manner with yearning of continuity and progression.

The sound is very refined  and it's got what I gather from the dynamics to
being the highest quality sound of an analogue system merging with
new studio tech of the new decade (1980s) and really no gimmicks
plague this album at all. The synth sounds are PERFECT quiet storm
type sounds, the rock guitar, when it shows up is nicely blended and
not wanker riffs, Bass guitar is sooo damn funky with that street
tough sound that was soon to be utilized by Hip Hop. The drums
are all real with a great crack of the woody snare and some angelic
soul vocals grace this album over top of Ben's mature and defined
sexy voice.

I call this a lost classic because I have never heard anyone talk about the LP
in any terms and other die hard soul collectors I know have never seen or heard

I wanted to share this back in 2007 as one of my first posts but it got lost in the shuffle.

Here's to another year - 2012  merging soon - peace to all in 2013 !!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

HITS A GO GO-ARC-1966-CANADA-animals beatles kinks paul simon


This is one in a series of cover albums that are Canada's answer
to a cash in album - all unknown artists covering hits of the day
in this case 1966 and is mostly UK beat vibe.

Sometimes ARC records of Toronto would purchase wholesale
from the UK in the proven case of John Smith and the New Sound
but on this LP it's unknown who the cover artists are but they
do show up on consecutive ARC LPs like Don't Feed the Animals.
The track "The Duck" the only Funk Soul track here could be 
an early track provided by The Majestics who released their
first Album on ARC a year later. Speculation only though!
I personally enjoy these albums and in some cases I like these
cover versions as much as the originals. 
The condition isn't the best on some tracks as the LP
was well used when I found it.
I provided the original artist name beside the tracks for context.
One neat thing is to hear a cover version of 'Sounds of Silence' 
in the PRE beat version with just acoustic guitars and Stand Up Bass
and pretty nice vocals and Michelle getting a soul treatment.

___________________________LISTEN TO WHOLE ALBUM__________________


01-day tripper BEATLES
02-we can work it out BEATLES
03-it's my life ANIMALS
04-yesterday man-CHRIS ANDREWS
05-it's good news week-JONATHAN KING
06-here it comes again-FORTUNES
07-michelle BEATLES
08-she's just my style GARY LEWIS PLAYBOYS
09-well respected man KINKS
10-five o'clock world VOGUES
11-the sounds of silence SIMON GARFUNKLE
12-the duck JACKIE LEE

Monday, December 10, 2012


DUKE ELLINGTON and his orchestra
in a mellotone-RCA-Canada mono-LPM1364-1956
freQazoidiac LPCD

This is a nice repackage of some rare early sides of Duke
and various amazing groundbreaking Jazz and Latin musicians.
Canadian pressing from 1956.

Listen below to the whole LP


01-take the A train (feb 15 1941)
02-a portrait of bert williams (may 28 1940)
03-main stem (june26 1942)
04-just a-settin' and a-rockin' (june 5 1941)
05-i got it bad - and that ain't good (june 26 1941)
06-perdido (jan 21 1942)
07-blue serge (feb 15 1941)
08-the flaming sword (oct 17 1940)
09-in a mellotone (sept 5 1940)
10-cotton tail (may 4 1940)
11-i don't know what kind of blues I got (dec 2 1941)
12-rumpus in richmond (july 22 1940)
13-all too soon (july 22 1940)
14-sepia panorama (july 24 1940)
15-rocks in my bed (sept 26 1941)
16-what am I here for? (feb 26 1942

Friday, December 7, 2012

Debbie Lori Kaye-HEY LITTLE ONE-1966-columbia-Stereo-canada-ELS329-LPCD

Debbie Lori Kaye-HEY LITTLE ONE-1966-columbia-Stereo-canada-ELS329-LPCD 

See earlier post from a few years back featuring
one of the Mono 45 singles
and some info about Debbie.

This album is mostly lush country pop with some funky moments and a psychedelic pop track called 'the playground'.

Very well recorded!

see that here -  Debbie Lori Kaye vs J.D. Loudermilk

This is the unfairly rare full length by Debbie recorded 1966-1967.

She also recorded many sides that never showed up on LP such as
the sought after Iron Cross single that I have included in the share.

Available as Lossless LPCD and MP3-now sharing!

01-come on home (j.rhodes-g.richey).aif
02-green (bob tubert).aif
03-help me love you (j.tuttle).aif
04-every song you sing (bud logan-charles snoddy).aif
05-time and distance (bob tubert-jack c smith).aif
06-the playground (f.catana-b.cooper).aif
07-kiss the hurt away (chuck reed-finley duncan).aif
08-ride ride ride (liz anderson).aif
09-lonely clown (r.maxwell-d.denoon).aif
10-shadows of her mind (kris kristofferson).aif
11-a legend in my time (d.gibson).aif


debbie lori kaye-RIDE RIDE RIDE_break my mind-45 canada MONO-1966-444311 columbia-BONUS 45
01-ride ride ride (l.anderson)MONO.aif
02-break my mind (j.d.loudermilk)MONO.aif

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doug Mcarthur - LETTERS FROM THE COAST- full LP from original wax -canada folk psych

Doug Mcarthur - LETTERS FROM THE COAST- full LP from original wax -canada folk psych

One of the great folk psych albums from the mid 70s released privately in Canada.
Mixes a west coast sound with east coast Canada moments and psychedelic 
pot pourri in the middle. Still very underrated album.

Doug maintains a very informative website you can visit

and buy his official releases on CD there.
Occasionally they show up on Vinyl for a range of prices.

Listen to the whole LP below.
From a mint LP that was opened from sealed.
***** ****

featuring :

Doug McArthur - vocals guitar
Thomas E D Handy - guitar
Steve Hayes - Piano
Bill Usher - Percussion
Mike Gardner - bass
Mother Fletcher - sitar
Lia Hayes, Gord Lowe - Harmonies

all songs composed by Doug McArthur

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the OFF SET - Brent Records retrospective

the Off Set as a later group the Boys from New York City
L-R - Hank Cardello (drums/vocals) - Don Sallah (vocals/guitar)
Ray Martinez (bass *unsure if Ray is in Off Set) and Tony Franquiero (keys)

This is NOT the Jagged Edge offshoot incidentally named group
the Off Set.  
But they were from the same area and stomping grounds
of New York city. 

Since collecting these mid 60s Brent sides for the most part I didn't have much information on many of these oddball one off releases. One thing I was almost 100% sure of was that the sound of a series of records released in more or less one after the other in 1965 on Brent was to be attributed to the same studio they recorded in and for the most part the same musicians and recording techniques.

Here is an example of the Matrix order of these releases to be discussed :
7045 - Boo Boo Bunky 'turn around'
7047 - Shane 'that girl of mine / don't turn me off'
*7048 - the Word 'now it's over'
7051 - Off set 'just a little smile'
7053 - Off set 'you're a drag'

* The Word turned into the War babies and then Euphoria.
They are a stark contrast in sound and texture and arrangment
compared to the others. that's why I posted it as it was released right
after Shane but before Off Set.

These other records that all share the same vibe, instrumentation,
and I'll focus for a moment on the Bass player. It's a fair guess that I'm hearing the same guy with really interesting grooves but it's very unique especially the tone  achieved by this bass player which graces records by Shane, Boo Boo & Bunky
and our topic group the Off Set.  Then reading the insightful article on Don Sallah (the guy behind the Off-Set) that was
posted on FlowerBombSongs aka OPULENT CONCEPTIONS blog wherein the author interviewed Sallah
and he states they were a Studio only group as the Off Set. (go to OPULENT CONCEPTIONS to read many other offshoots of who was behind the Off Set). So that makes sense as Shane and Boo Boo &  Bunky were also one off concepts among a few other bands on Brent / Mainstream / Time.
It's speculated by myself that Mike Deasy is doing session guitar on here
but he himself cannot remember but he did record sides for Brent during this
time and was session guy there. He is featured on many of
the sides on the Brent / Time comp called Music for the Dance crowd.
Now to look back at the Off Set sides on Brent, the B side on 'just a little smile' is 'lonely lonely night' and the title
alone pretty much sums up the vibe and I wonder if it would rank as one
of the shortest Sides on 45  clocking at a brief 1:32 with this downer B side .
The studio at Bob Shads Brent/Time was obviously stacked with really
diverse gear. They had ay their disposal Latin inspired instruments like
the Vibes and different percussions as  Joe Cain had recorded
there for along time also forgot to mention Hugo Montenegro!
I mention the  vibes as they show up on tracks by Shane and the Off Set
When you get the B Side of 'You're a drag'  (Little Girl Little Boy) you get a completely different sounding group and theme. I would guess that was a tack on
tracks from earlier musical projects, and not recorded at Brent and sounds like
it was from 1962ish.
Lastly a bit about the  basically unknown track called 'I'm just a clown" is  another downer track and it's a shame it's hidden on
the rare 3 LP box set of Music For the Dance crowd and it's totally uncredited. I think it's a real gem
and it is a really cool treat to hear it in Stereo as the song 'Just a little smile' is featured on the 1 LP version of Music for
the Dance crowd and it's in Fake stereo from a Mono mix but the Single version as featured here is the true Mono goodness.

you_re a drag-OFF SET...

i_m just a clown-OFF SET

just a little smile-OFF SET

lonely lonely night-OFF SET

little boy little girl-OFF SET

Monday, November 5, 2012

Petula Clark Covers the Beatles RAIN - stereo from wax

A really nice treat shows up on a 1966 album by Petula Clark
where Tony Hatch and company transcribe RAIN (flip side to Paperback Writer)
by the Beatles pre Revolver.

I threw the Anthology DVD Beatles footage of RAIN
overtop the Album version by Pet
and they fit pretty darn well.
(had to do some minor tweaking)

I don't have the album ripped but that will be for another post.
(it's a superb Petula album with another highlight being Bang-Bang-shot my baby down)

A big thanks to friend and reader Tris
who left the following informative comment with links regarding
other Petula Beatles covers as she did cover them often
since she was direct friends with them (and of course a brilliant marketing move).

Well, she started with a French version of "Please please me" (Tu perds ton temps) on what passed for a single in France at that time, 1963 (4 titles);

She did a ballad version of "I want to hold your hand" on her International Hits album (1965),

"We can work it out" on My Love album (1966),

"Rain" on "I couldn't live without your love album", 1966.

"The Fool on the Hill" (Just Pet 1969)

"hey Jude" (Just Pet 1969) No You Tube available.

She also did John and Paul's "Nobody I know" in French as "Partir il nous faut" (We must go) on one of her French album called Petula. And on a recent CD, there is a live version of 'Yesterday' which is unbelievable.

I think that's them all, but I may have forgotten some...

Virtually all Petula's work in French Spanish English German and Italian is available on CD now. I think there are fewer than half a dozen songs in all that have missed cd issue.

Most of these songs appear on disc 3 of Une Baladine, a cd collection issued in France last year. Samples should be here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

on hold - freQazoidiac will be back

Just letting all those who are waiting for requests to be fulfilled
and other odds and ends the freQazoidiac will be on hold for possibly a month
while I'm travelling and then relocating.

Early winter is estimated time back in gear and good timing as everyone
is up inside their heads keeping warm and doing the
online treading and digging.


Keep the requests coming though - they are in queue.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

canadian mint-V/A-KTEL-1974-Stereo- canadiana pop compilation

This is a hard to find (in decent condition) Ktel Compilation
that focuses on Canadian pop-rock artists from 1974.

Torrent LPCD available on request
and MP3 link in comments

02-just as bad as you-SHAWNE JACKSON.mp3
03-save the last dance for me-THE DEFRANCO FAMILY.mp3
04-be my baby-ANDY KIM.mp3
05-i am what i am-LOIS FLETCHER.mp3
06-seasons in the sun-TERRY JACKS.mp3
07-when i die-MOTHERLODE.mp3
08-sun goes by-DR MUSIC.mp3
09-sunny days-LIGHTHOUSE.mp3
10-werewolf-5 MAN ELECTRICAL BAND.mp3
12-wild eyes-STAMPEDERS.mp3
13-cousin mary-FLUDD.mp3
14-anything you want-A FOOT IN COLDWATER.mp3
15-teen angel-WEDNESDAY.mp3
16-where evil grows-POPPY FAMILY.mp3
17-tell laura i love her-JOHNNY T ANGEL.mp3
18-i thought of you again-SUSAN JACKS.mp3
19-good bye mama-DAVE NICOL.mp3
20-there's something i like about that-CHILLIWACK.mp3
21-cause we're in love-THE HOOD.mp3
22-oh what a feeling-CROWBAR.mp3

Saturday, September 15, 2012

RY COOPER-rusty evans-Marcus Uzilevsky A FOLK ARTIST

usty Evans who currently tours as a Johnny Cash live band impersonator was doing something similar but way more
obscure in 1965. He was recording under the name Ry Cooder which is obviously an homage or rip off of Ry Cooder. He would have known about Ry from his studio trappings and possibly just from his connections in the folk scene. Rusty did hang with Robert Zimmerman in the Greenwich Village,  well according to Marcus, oh yeah that's Rusty's er, Ry, uh his real name, Marcus Uzilevsky a Jewish artist with strong creative and borrowed leanings.

Rusty worked many a music gig in various styles. He went through the whole Give me A Hammer folk stage, the whole Locomotion Blues thing he is proficient at Rockabilly and what I'm sharing with you is his output in cartoon (very mid 60s kitch) styling (that he inked) of his experience and humoured observations of a growing young adult music industry. This was released in tandem with his Ry Cooper
single on Musicor (1983 / the life game) which is his first foray into garage rock with a real George Orwell bent and a new sound in general.  

See my post in 2010 regarding that single HERE 

After this obscure and blazing single and releasing the Folk Bag cartoon 
there is a silence for around a year and then after some more acid
and who knows what he gathers his crack pot friends that were
ejected from the New Christy Minstrels with him from being too freaky

they formed the DEEP also known as The Freak Scene 
but were initially jokingly named The New Crunchy Monsters.
The DEEP released 'Psychedelic Moods' on Cameo Parkway in the USA
and then as Parkway melted into recession they jumped over to
Columbia and released 'Psychedelic Psoul' under the name the Freak Scene
with essentially the same group he has liquidated and moulded
to this new funky thing (it is said the band also worked behind the concept group the 'Devil's Anvil'.

That is something to really emphasize, practically all of the projects after 1965 Rusty was involved with are concepts realized with a new edge but never extended or toured in the mainstream sense. Was Marcus bored? Or was every company he worked with simply bewildered by his projects he turned in?
Not long after while it seems this was to be temporary all around
Rusty aka Marcus moves to NYC and hooks up with Teddy Randazzo
(in an Interview I had with Rusty he says this happened before the 
Deep but it is clear by recording sessions he mixed up the dates)
and cut some classic Garage acid classics like '5 years ahead of my time' 
recorded by the Third Bardo but written and produced by Rusty.
Lots more about this chain events to come as I have planned for some time
but for now I am sharing his Comic Book 'FROM THE FOLK BAG'

The pages of the Comic were layed out by Jean Hammond(s)  who was part of the Freak Scene
and the Deep.

Some words

~freQazoidiac came from beyond the 33rd dimension!

The cosmic tide had opened for the time to enable
the song structures of the collected past to be
placed into this chosen virtual dimension for a current
but unknown period of existance.

This is an OPEN SOURCE free-to-join Audio Visual Club
this online concept at root is about sharing

We advocate the Free Life Personal Experience!
Freedom of choice, freedom to share but not
freedom to profit by others art and hard work.
Free not like free beer and Open source not like the software philosophy
Music and Sound vibrations created by humanes is a key to part
to communicate and experience universal method so this is
why it's mentioned now
However we do not advocate or suggest one follow authorship
prescription of ideas of how somethings should happen with your
own hyper-creative methodology however you activate
Copywrite control is copywrong and is only giving humanes
half the story, take the controls, guide mono et stereo