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Saturday, August 15, 2009

shandels-the- no way out / treat me like a man - Carldell music- C-510 45rpm 7" single 1964-65? garage

taking a chance to take the time, to stop by at a historically bad Value village, when it comes to record selection, in Cambridge, ontario, I ended up finding a few mid 60's garage-folk-psych rock singles.

This gem is from 1965
No Way Out / Treat Me Like A Man (Carldell C-510) 1965
"treat me like a man" was redone in studio, and has a more garage rock sound
compared to this single, and is featured on a compilation re-issue.

Some other releases, are as follows : (this single was their first)
Please Stay / Treat Me Like A Man (alternate version) (Showcase S-404) 1965
Fifteen Children / Shades Of Blue (La Salle L-381) 1967
Barnyard Blues / ? (La Salle ) 1967
Gypsy / Try A Little Tenderness (La Salle 25) 1968
NB: (2) as by Shan Dels. (5) by Ellen and The Shandels.

Enjoy the video/audio from the actual 45:

some info from the defunkt website FuzzAcidFlowers:

'A band from the Long Island, New York communities of Levittown and Wantaugh. They specialized in subdued beat-pop and garagey ballads with a unique twist. Instead of a lead guitar they employed a Cordovox, a small keyboard-like organ, whose accordion-like strains enhances the moodiness and infuses a Gallic flavour.

Produced by NYC impressario Carl Edelson (also responsible for release by The Lemon Sandwich and The Taboos), they would release several interesting 45s over a three year period, culminating in a 1968 recording where they backed a female singer called Ellen on a torrid psychedelic soul rendition of the Moody Blues' Gypsy.

No Way Out is a harmonious midtempo charmer; Treat Me... is coy bouncy pop; Please Stay is a minor-mood garage ballad with a nod to the Zombies' school of wistfulness.

Compilation appearances include: Shades Of Blue on Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 5 (LP & CD); Please Stay on Shutdown '66 (LP) and Psychedelic States: New York Vol. 1 (CD).

(Max Waller/Mike Markesich)************

There are a total of 5 Shandel-Shandells bands listed in FuzzAcidFlowers! From all ends of the USA.
There also appears to be one of the incarnations of the Shandel(l)s that has strong ties to Chocolate Watch Band. Take note of the 2 people in the article to follow, it's obvious their connection with the Watch band, but not so clear, which Shandels they played in. There is a vauge connection with Skip Spence and the Brent group, "the other side".

Here's the bit, on the history of the Chocolate watch band :
The band were also friends with another act called The Topsiders who for a short while included Skip Spence, prior to his joining Jefferson Airplane. In 1965, both bands underwent a number of changes, with Phay, Torney and Kemling all leaving to join The Topsiders (who then became The Other Side), whilst Sean Tolby, moved from The Topsiders to The Chocolate Watchband. Indeed Mark Loomis (ex-Shandels) also had a brief spell with The Other Side after Rich Young was drafted, before he decided to reform the 'Watchband with Gary Andrijasevich and Jo Kemling. The latter opted to stay with The Other Side however, and bassist, Bill Flores (ex-Shandels) and, a vocalist, biology student Dave Aguilar, were drafted in to complete The Chocolate Watch Band's new line-up. Heavily influenced by British R & B outfits like The Stones and The Yardbirds, the band gigged regularly around the Bay Area supporting bands like The Doors, Big Brother and The Holding Co. and The Mothers of Invention.

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