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Monday, February 15, 2010

CLIFF EDWARDS-carpenter of wood-get yourself some sunshine-1973-7"

Cliff Edwards, the cornerstone of the original incarnation of the Bells, the Canadian vocal pop psych group. This is one of his very rare Singles. The guitar is probably played by Rayburn Blake,  and Brian Edwards also appears, from the Group Mashmakhan and Riverson of note as they are listed on the LP.
"Get yourself some sunshine" is not on a full length LP. "Carpenter of wood" is from the Polydor LP (1973) of the same name. Interesting to note, Canoe-Jam, does not list the LP "transition" in his discography.

CLIFF EDWARDS-carpenter of wood-get yourself some sunshine-1973-7"  Polydor Canada

bio from Canoe:

Kingston area native Cliff Edwards formed the Five Bells in Montreal in 1965 with sisters Ann and Jacki Ralph, Doug Gravelle and Gordie McLeod.

The band's rock-of-all-ages appeal took them from dates in Canadian small towns to 11 weeks at New York City's Copacabana night club, and then to multi-million dollar resort hotels throughought the US and world-famous vacation spots in Bermuda and the Bahamas.

Adding keyboardist Mickey Ottier, they cut their first single in 1969, "Moody Manitoba Morning". written by Rick Neufeld. The song earned them two Moffatt Awards that year. This was followed by a full-blown album called Dimensions on Polydor Records.

With the departure of Ann Ralph (then married to Cliff Edwards) in 1970 to become a full-time Mom, the band adjusted its line-up and renamed themselves The Bells. The reconstituted line-up consisted of Jacki Ralphs, Cliff Edwards, Doug Gravelle and new members Charlie Clark, Michael Waye -- both from The Maritimes -- and Frank Mills.

While recording their true debut album, Fly, Little White Dove, Fly Frank Mills left to pursue a very successful solo career and was replaced by talented Montreal keyboardist Dennis Will though Mills was credited with all the keyboards on the record. The title track, written by Marty Butler and Bob Bilyk, landed the band in the Top10 on the Canadian charts in December 1970.

The 1971 follow-up single "Stay Awhile", however, would proved to be a monster hit - going to No. 1 in Canada and No. 7 in the US on the Billboard Top-100 in March 1971. This led to successful appearances in the US including TV shows like Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show', Merv Griffin, and Guy Lombardo's annual New Years Eve telecast. The single would go on to sell four million copies worldwide. Columbia House would even go as far as re-packaging the Fly, Little White Dove, Fly LP for their subscribers under the name Stay Awhile to capitalize on the success.

They rapidly climbed the ladder of success, touring Canada and the United States to great critical acclaim on the heels of 1972's Studio "A". A few years later drummer Skip Layton and bassist Will "Wayne" Cardinal (ex-Satan And The D-Men, Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks)joined the group following the departure of Doug Gravelle, Cliff Edwards and Michael Waye for 1973's Pisces Rising.

Edwards would go on to have a very lucrative solo career with a frequent release of albums and singles on Polydor, Columbia, and A & M Records, including a country-pop album recorded in Nashville in 1988.

He studied broadcasting and became a set designer and camera-man for CKWS-TV in Kingston, Ontario as well as cameraman on the 1988 Calgary Oympics, and wrote/produced the children's TV show The Corner Shop.

He eventually settled in Gananoque, Ontario where he is chairman of events for the Festival Of The Islands.

At the turn of the millennium, The Bells frequently re-united for one-off shows including three reunion concerts in 2003 (Port Hope, Brockville and Kingston). Interest has been so strong in the act that Universal Music finally fashioned a 'best of' package in 2005 under the supervision of the band.

with notes from Bob Crane, Ann Ralph-Edwards, Jacki Ralph Jamieson, Juleen Will, Diane Will, Bruce Cairns, Dave Normandale, Rick Neufeld, Kevin Hunter, and Will Cardinal.


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