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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mary Saxton • SAD EYES • 1969 Birchmount records BM 511 • canadian artists collection

Having been into this Birchmount records collecting, for as long as I can remember picking up They have always been charming records, all Canadian content, and very cool music.
Adding up what I have found, basically can now check off Most of the releases on that imprint, because today I FINALLY found a copy of Mary Saxton's "Sad Eyes" a very moody blue-tinged
soul LP, by a white gal from Alberta. Most Songs written by her pal, Mavis McAullay, who seems to be the better known musical artist..but I did hear of Mary before Mavis..but that doesn't mean anything in context.
I was surprised that no one else has been offering this LP up..but then I thought, in 20 years of Collecting, and only finding 1 copy, just today..then I guess it's just RARE. Well, enjoy this platter, a canadian one, that matters.


  1. Hi, I saw your comment about collecting Birchmount records, and was wondering if you have a copy of Birchmount BM 554, Joe Chapman & his Orchestra "Just Hits Volume 1" (1969) in your collection. I have been searching for a particular instrumental version of "Aquarius" for a long time, and am trying to determine if the version on this album is the one I'm looking for. If you could at least let me know the running time of this track it would be a big help to me. An mp3 would be even better, if you feel generous enough to help a stranger!
    Chris Campbell
    Massachusetts USA

    1. Hi again Chris.. Did you find it on Birchmount? I can add it is one of the few missing releases on Discogs. It is definitly a European release though, just reissued on birchmount. Possibly it's one of the rare Birchmount pressings destroyed in that fire that made a few other LPs very rare?

  2. Hi Chris :D Just getting through a heavy winter here!! well, to tell you the truth.never seen that Particular LP. I have lots of versions of Aquarius..and would have def. picked that LP for that track alone.. wish i could help. I you know any particulars about that band leader? was it a domestic release, as in the Canadian Artists collection?

  3. i've seen that mary saxton lp once in a thrift store in cloverdale , bc. i wish i would haave picked it up. i do have the live at the rainbow ballroom lp on pace though. i also have an lp by Eric Dietrich on birchmont. its old country & pretty decent. i heard the wherehouse that housed the birchmont records inventory burned down

  4. I'd really like to thank you for posting this recording on your blog here. I have a special interest as Mary Saxton is my mother's sister, and the last time I heard this album I was a very young boy.
    It's also interesting to note that she was probably 18 or 19 when this was recorded and released and her voice has only improved.
    As far as rarity goes, her vinyl is very difficult to locate and I don't think she has many copies of her own recordings herself, to my knowledge. We had copies of her few releases and they have long since disappeared...
    Thanks for not letting her work disappear and for posting such a great quality reproduction.

  5. hi Ryan, thanks for letting me know.
    That's special to me!

    Can you forward your email address to me to if possible, so we can talk more? If you could help me fill in some gaps and possible myths about her career, that would be fantastic. Theres a few details that would be nice to shed light on, and to share it here, online. If you have direct contact with Mary, that would be fabulous, maybe some direct questions sent to her? Hope to hear back, if not, thanks for your comments. And, yes, it's a very rare record. Her 1970's releases on Mustard seem abundant though. There is one release I'm dying to hear, "live at the rainbow ballrom", which I think is her 1st on record, or is that "daisy hill puppy farm" ? I have a couple 7" of the latter, Rainbow ballroom is an LP.

  6. I have a copy of this album(no jacket) in very good condition.

    Loved "sad eyes" she is a great singer


  7. I was the drummer on the Sad Eyes Track with Mary Saxton.. I can't believe the recording is still around. I was 18 at the time. The sessions went late into the night. My group was in at the 109 st recording studio by the Rat Hole underpass in Edmonton.After my group was done, Mary's group asked me to stay to fill in as they could not find a drummer.
    Robert Dettling
    Victoria BC

    1. Hey Don thanks for sharing that! Were you part of the "Lords" or Southbound freeway? Those are the bands known to back up Saxton at this time.. or were you literally a walk in? That's so cool though and the drum sound is really nice on that. The Mono single version especially.

  8. I love the music of Mary Saxton, is there a chance you could forward the link to me please?



    1. I only do physical media sharing now. Let me know if you want CD-R copy . You just pay for shipping and the cost of the blank CD.

  9. Just found a copy of Birchmount Album but Jacket is in terrible shape...! was a salesman back in 1965-66 with Quality Records selling Birchmount product.Also have a lot of the Mustard - Saxton 45's - new mint from my closd record shop.

    1. Hey Don.. thanks for sharing. Almost every copy I have found has issues with the Cover. And they are usually cutouts. Unless you find one with shrink!
      The prize is inside anyways :D - Look for the Rising Sun album on birchmount if you want more Mary Saxton.. with her songwriter also singing on it Mavis McCauley backed up also by the Lords like the Saxton LP. I have not heard the Mustard singles.

    2. One question about the perception of Birchmount back in the 60s.. were the records cheaper than the Capitol records ect? Were they considered budget releases? I think alot of them were overlooked



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