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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

PETE SCHOFIELD AND HIS CANADIANS - stepping stone for young jazz players

Over the past decade and a half, it's been a pleasure to find a series of related LP's
that are landmarks for many musicians in Canada, then took care and culled these to digital
format from some 3 rare LP's released by this unique Canadian band leader.

I like the charm of these recordings, which are mostly covers, but done with conviction by a very young group, most members on each LP are general late high school age. I think every LP also features different musicians, as Pete's band was some sort of breaking ground for talented musicians. There is supposedly another LP (or maybe more?) if anyone has any other of his LP's, please let me know!
These were all taken from original LP's.

For a time before, I had only the Birchmount releases, so it was a big treat to find out his
first LP was issued on the fabulous RCA Camden series. The label can be a signpost
of diversity and excellent audio engineering and vinyl pressing quality is tops. And that brings
me to introduce the first Schofield LP, "THE OLD MEETS THE NEW"


pete schofield and the canadian college all stars

1965 ? 
RCA CAMDEN records

king of the road • and i love her • down by the old mill stream • 007 medley (dr no, goldfinger ) • blue velvet • the pink panther • harlem nocturne • summertime • baby elephant walk • auf widersehn

Listen to clips from the first LP :

featuring (probably first on wax for these 'kids' )

Pete Schofield: alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet
Bill Jackman: alto saxophone, clarinet
Steve Seto: tenor saxophone, clarinet
George Zarras: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Pete Maher: baritone and alto saxophone, clarinet
Ian MacKay: trumpet
Bob Edwards: lead guitar
Brian Pattullo: rhythm guitar
Rick Homme: bass
Garry Owens: drums

Now, that's a who's who of Canadian Talent.  For instance, Rick Homme played on countless sessions
as a master class bass player, frequently with the Laurie Bower Singers and providing the glue
for one of the most revered of Candiana Pop-sike-light albums by Hagood Hardy from 1971, MONTAGE.
I get requests for that album worldwide constantly. 

Cool out instrumental Jazz from Canada.

Pete takes a unique group of exceptionally young and talented musicians, 15 to 18 years old and create a breakthrough in today's popular music!!! (from back cover)

Nice renditions and Rare Canadian LP. Twangy Fender Surf guitar all over this and a nice back beat on most tracks when things aren't mellow.

ADDENDUM - sept.2011 -  
it's been a few years since this post, and still resonates with many music fans. I have to add that
I have come to know Rick Homme's daughter who has suffered a major loss, as Rick has recently passed
away. He is sorely missed by a huge base of friends and family but his work represents an important
time in Canadian music and the talent he shared is definitly revered worldwide. (I can prove it by the Japanese music collectors who go nuts over this era of Jazz - Pop)

pete schofield and the canadians


BM 502
birchmount records

sign of the times • moonlight serenade • canadian sunset • taste of honey • winchester cathedral • canada • yesterday • introducin' my man • what now my love • canadiana

Listen to Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Featuring : Ron Grant
George Zarraz
Doug Oliver
Pete Maher
Ian McKay
Brian Leonard
Rick Homme
Bob Edwards
George Collins

Cool out instrumental Jazz from Canada.

Rare Pete Schofield on Birchmount! A very collectable Canadian Label. This record is really cool, and is swingin' 60's groovy instrumental soul jazz style, done with a band of kids under 19!! :) 

Canadiana at it's best!

Pete Schofield and The Canadians • THE NOW SOUND
1969 BM 507 Birchmount records
Original Canadian Press
1-(do you know the way to) San Jose
 2-Witchita lineman
 3-music to watch girls by
 4-scarborough fair 
5-watermelon man
 7-the shadow of your smile
 8-i say a little prayer for you
 9-mrs. robinson 
10-georgy girl
 11-the look of love
 12-up, up & away
 13-goin' out of my head

Very rare canadian release. Pete schofield conducts a young group through some great covers of contemporary songs of the day. A good range here and all done in a mellow soul jazz style. Superb playing on all cuts and good sound.From the "canadian artists collection"

Clips from  NOW SOUND pete Schofield Pt 1:

Clips from  NOW SOUND pete Schofield Pt 2:


Pete Schofield was a music teacher, big band leader and, based on the evidence of this album cover, a soprano saxophonist. Along with his younger charges The Canadians he recorded at least two albums on Birchmount Records (this one and It's A Sign Of The Times), but more than that I do not know. As for The Canadians, they evidently had a revolving lineup, but at the time of this album's recording they were Ihor Kukurudza on guitar, Ray Banks on trumpet, John Meydam on drums and Rosy Sidgwick on bass (the rest of the brass section is not identified).

The Now Sound was recorded in 1969 at Sound Canada Studios in Don Mills (which was also home to The Rhythm Ramblers' album) by engineer Phil Sheridan, with musical arragements by Eddie Graff, Ray Sikora and Ken Garland. The album consists in its entirety of thirteen tracks of instrumental pop in the vein of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, of which the cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson," with its driving beat and insistent drone ...


  1. Very cool. Thanks. That's my Dad. He passed away in 1995 - this would so blow his mind being on the net.
    Happy March :)
    Kim Schofield

  2. thanks for your comment :D did you hear Pete do his thing Live? That would be fabulous. If you want any audio of these records, I can send you any clip via email. Ciao and pleased you left such a nice comment.

  3. Hi again. In answer to your question, yes. His studio/rehearsal space was in our basement. So there was music pretty much 24/7. If he wasn't teaching he was rehearsing 3 or 4different level bands. Lots of great Toronto talents emerged from the basement - so to speak. Neat thing, the house is still there and my brother's and I keep a rehearsal band going there every Tuesday night. There is one member who has been coming out for over 50 years !
    Thanks again.
    Kim Schofield

  4. It is so wonderful to read these blogs! I have great memories playing with Pete Schofiled and the Canadians! It was an incredible maturing experience of my young life as a musician. It is awesome to see post from Kim. If Kim or any of the Schofields get this comment I would love to get in touch and say hello to you all! Please email me at
    Ross Harwood

  5. Hi Kim, maybe you are still out there in cyberland?
    Could you please message me through email if you have the time :
    Thanks if you get this.. :D


  6. It was very exciting to come across this
    on the net. I met Pete Schofield when I was only 15 years old and played drums in his bands for many years. Thanks to Pete, I got to play with many great musicians. Pete had a profound influence on my life, and I will always be grateful for everything that he taught me. It would be special to hear from anyone that played with "The Canadians" . Please e-mail me.
    Best wishes, Randy Greene

  7. Hi Kim,

    This site is a great tribute to your dad, my uncle Peter.
    He was a great guy and musician.
    I believe he had a vision in youth and music.
    His dream lives on.

    Leslie Michael Schofield

  8. If anyone wants the album, please join the friend list "groove yard tribe" and I send you the link.



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